But barbecue is not complete without a star lineup of side dishes. There are really no other words necessary, or even appropriate, to describe what could be the tastiest single item you can make with a smoker, or grill. The Best Poor Man's Burnt Ends [Try This Step By Step Recipe] The Strip Club is The Baconer’s Quarterly subscription box. We knew that our BBQ Bacon Ends had to be about more than just a cut of bacon. I have done this several times over now. Typically I serve them as an appetizer at casual meals (people wandering around, grazing) where put on a dish with some toothpicks, they don't last long. Then, cover the cubes with 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup honey and 1 stick of butter (for 1/2 a pork belly, double for a full pork belly). Every time we are left with nothing but an empty, sticky plate. While preheating your oven to 420 °F degrees, prepare a baking sheet with a lip and line it with foil to trap (and help you save) the bacon fat. Lloyd pinged us when he had a video on his Instagram Stories up—he stacked our BBQ Ends with veggies on a skewer and grilled them. You, dear #baconfam, are in luck. It's simple and 2. Honestly a smoker shouldn't be totally necessary if you have a grill, or even just an oven. 2 years ago. Place the cubes in the foil tray and generously coat with your chosen rub and the final portion of brown sugar (1/4 cup). Smoked like this the final product is very similar to what Americans consider bacon. Looks yummy. It's like saying Queso Cheese... Bacon is from pork belly. Love the pooch too! Set up your smoker or oven (oven-method here) for 225 degrees. When you're happy with the cook, pull the pan and spread the pieces on a sheet of heavy duty foil while they're still warm. Can't wait to try it. If you thought regular bacon was delicious, wait until you taste the crispy golden goodness of beef bacon. Wrap and refrigerate at least three hours, and preferably overnight. With the meat rinsed it's time for it's first round in the smoker. Step 2: Brine. 2 years ago, If you were in the area I'd happily share my next batch with you!If you've got any kids or grandchildren a smoker would make a great gift for them and then I believe they would be legally obliged to share any meat produced off of it. Yes, we know what you’re thinking, and it’s actually even better than that. There are a few different ways to make burnt ends, but my favorite way is to cook the full brisket intact, and then cube up the point near the end of the cook to make the burnt ends. Type of Brisket for Burnt Ends. Want something simpler? You know those strips of bacon that wind up neatly packaged on your grocery store shelf? That's the description. No matter how you end up serving these, nearly literal, heart-stopping cubes of fat, salt, and sugar though you're sure to have to jaws hitting the floor. Inspired by his creativity (and calling upon our own innovative culinary skills), we came up with more than a few ideas when it comes to using BBQ Bacon Ends. Place each Pork Belly Burnt End into an aluminum pan and cover with brown sugar and honey. “Bacon Ends”—it's not an apocalyptic prophecy (though seriously, if bacon ended, we'd probably throw in the towel). As promised, here are some of our favorite ways to cook and devour your BBQ Bacon Ends. Can’t decide if you want BBQ Bacon Ends or Bacon Strips from The Strip Club? To the pan add 1 cup of BBQ sauce (for flavor), 3-4 Tbsp butter (fatty binding agent), and 2 … These of course are tremendous fresh off the smoker but, as you find with a lot of smoked foods, these may almost be better reheated the next day. And then there’s the easiest way to eat BBQ Bacon Ends: as finger food!. I cook uneven bacon at 350 degrees. And, of course, we’ve got you covered with this. The new motto is: “bacon wrapped smoked burnt ends, just … These also freeze well, preferably vacuum sealed after they cool. Any type of recipe that calls for pork belly or rich thick-cut meats can be elevated times a thousand with the use of bacon ends—especially when they’re our BBQ Bacon Ends. This might seem counterintuitive but we're not ready to start caramelizing just yet. https://www.meatchurch.com/blogs/recipes/pork-belly-burnt-ends Bacon can go from not-quite-done to burnt very quickly. :D. You can also check out products like THESE that can help your grill give smoker like results, or just put a little liquid smoke into the the brine, that stuff is powerful. 2 years ago We think it’s the best area around, and in our neighborhood, we absolutely adore our local grocery store Berkeley Bowl. You're generally working with 1 - 1 ½ inch cubes that can be used in different ways from traditional sliced bacon. https://grillinfools.com/blog/2017/07/10/pork-belly-burnt-ends They range in size and thickness, from one-bite morsels to something the size of a caveman club, but at any scale, they’re made of pure glorious bacon and pack extra flavor because they have more of the slab surface that was in direct contact with the spices and smoke when the slab was made. Pork Belly 'Bacon' Burnt Ends Step 1: Ingredients & Tools. That's the description. Consider that bacon (the traditional "real" bacon) is a cured product whereas pork belly is a cut of meat from the animal. As soon as you take the bacon out of the oven, move it to the paper towel to drain. I like to check my bacon after 10–15 minutes of baking. At the ~2 1/2 hour mark, take the cubes off the grill and transfer them to an aluminum baking pan. Add 2 chunks of cherry wood to hot coals for smoke flavor. Candy.That's it. Typically I end up going closer to 3 or 4 hours but I prefer to render more of the fat and start to darken the outside a bit more. Since you've posted it I wanted to make it. What you've made is smoked pork belly and I friggin' love it. Fortunately, Lloyd and the Oakland Dust team recognized a good match when they saw it, and within a mere two weeks, BBQ Bacon Ends went from a mere spark of an idea to full production mode. Once I’d managed to chop it into cubes, I then placed it in a foil pan and mixed in 1/2 a cup of coke zero (trust me, it’s delicious! Once the meat has cooled cut it into cubes sized by the thickness of the slab, somewhere around 3/4" to 1". We used a blend of The One and its spicy cousin The Hot One to create a medium heat sauce that fits right in with our product, like that perfect four-block Tetris piece dropping right into that neat stack of blocks. Our BBQ Bacon Ends don’t just marinate in one Oakland Dust sauce, but two! Suddenly, it all came together—and, this time, it was that sort of dramatic embrace of a soap opera: Oakland Dust’s signature flavor The One was the freakin’ perfect match for this dream of ours. You’ll find both on a lot of menus now. The belly makes so much juice on its own that the rub will be good enough. First Prize in the BBQ Showdown Challenge. Wrap bacon around 2 burnt end pieces and secure with a toothpick. This is a crowd favorite. Barbecue conjures up images of summer and meat, outdoor dining and more meat ― brisket and ribs, pulled pork and burnt ends. Then one day, we started dreaming of BBQ Bacon Ends as a product and in doing so, realized that there needed to be some sort of sauce or spice for it to truly be perfect as a product. I smoked it at 225 till 165f then pulled it out and wrapped the flat, before cutting up the point for the burnt ends. They’re excellent when used as creative replacements for pulled pork—a particular favorite of ours is in a Bacon & Kimchi Taco. butter, salt, sour cream, sour cream, russet potatoes, freshly ground black pepper … We went through the proper channels of modern businesses, and by that, we mean we pinged them on Instagram. But that will probably come somewhere in the future. If you’re cooking bacon ends and pieces or thick-cut bacon, a lower oven temperature works better. And therefore not Slabs tend to have irregular shapes and edges, and once all the strips have been cut from it, Bacon Ends are the pieces that remain. It’s a meat-centric party, no doubt. Place it directly on the grate, fat side down, in a smoker preheated to 350F and cook to an internal temp of 180F. As you probably know bacon and pork belly is all the rage. They had to deliver a memorable eating experience—one that encapsulates everything great about both bacon and barbecue in a few chewy bites—whether you’re using these to top a salad or put them in a taco. :D, Question So next time I probably stop after that and add some spiciness to the slurry/rub. It's effective. As a product, though, Bacon Ends are usually cut up into chunks rather than left in one big piece. For me that just means sealing them up in the foil I spread them on, tossing that into the fridge, and then reheating the whole package in the oven on it's Keep Warm setting (170-190F). It's your grill and your meat, in the end that's just you cooking. Continue to cook over indirect heat for another 90 minutes to 2 hrs until Bacon Burnt Ends are tender. 1 cup brown sugar. The final timing here is ultimately up to you and will change based on a number of variables, namely desired done-ness, specific smoker, and ambient conditions, but I start checking in on mine at around 2 hours. We have one simple solution: why not both? There’s a rising trend lately to make burnt ends out of other cuts of beef, or something different altogether like pork belly. Preheat a convection oven; Place the diced bacon in a heavy cast iron pan and roast it in the oven, turning regularly until the bacon is dark brown on the outside but still moist inside, approximately 15 to 25 minutes. If your smoker is configured in such a way that this would cause the grease to drip onto the fire/heating element then you will have to periodically, about every 15 minutes, spoon excessive grease out by hand rather than poke holes.

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