<> Above all, high-performing school administrators must personally embrace and role model an authentic commitment to student success. Origins. “Passion is the ardor or the fire to develop and maintain an excellent school,” as defined by the National School Boards Association. Other learning activities include membership in professional organizations and participation in educational conferences each year. High-performing schools are typically run by a school administrator who strives for outstanding teaching, learning and innovation. Artificial Intelligence Integration. Balancing endless job responsibilities with their own personal and family commitments requires exceptional time management and personal sacrifice. An effective administrator wears many hats, including … Resources are properly used, managed and monitored. characteristics include: having direct contact with special education students, taking responsibility for special education students, serving as an instructional leader, building relationships with parents, and having a high degree of competency in addressing the needs of special education … What Is Educational Management? It really depends on what you understand by administration position. Assessment is an ongoing process that provides immediate feedback on what students are learning and how they learn best. 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Every effort is made to follow proposed changes to local, state or federal laws that may affect school policy or funding allocations. It … Stakeholders are brought into the strategic-planning process to analyze data, discuss emerging trends and forecast future needs. Educational Administration means to achieve the goals of Education through effective and efficient manipulation of available inputs. An excellent administrator articulates and institutionalizes the school’s mission and vision. An excellent school leader maintains composure and provides direction in times of a crisis or a serious weather emergency. Under the leadership of an excellent administrator, relationships between co-workers, teachers, students and parents are warm, trusting and open. As school principals, … Excellent principals and superintendents have the courage and wisdom to make tough decisions when it comes to balancing the budget, investing in new initiatives, managing a teachers’ strike, responding to a lawsuit against the school and other challenging circumstances. Companies and organizations rely on good administrators to supervise employees, delegate assignments and ensure that productivity is up to standard. Through a study of reports by school inspectors, they came up with a set of characteristics shared by successful school leaders that I thought was worth sharing. Nimble administrators understand that mission and vision should be revisited periodically to keep pace with the changing needs and expectations of students and schools. Is Educational Administration for Me? An open-door policy welcomes anyone who has a concern or suggestion, even angry or upset parents. 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