its a decent headset, but always found volume to be a little quiet for me even tho I have volume on headset adapter on high. 1. The volume of ambient … Start Minecraft and load a world. I thought it was worth a shot, so I opened the game, loaded a world, and pressed F3+S at the same time. The sound came back! There really is no uninstall, because there's no installation aside from the .minecraft folder creation that happens automatically when you run the game. Xbox one game sound not coming through headphones and unresponsive RB button I have a third party headset plugged into my controller via 3.5mm jack and party/voice chat comes through, the microphone works but no gamesound comes through. – Tim S. Aug 7 '14 at 17:48 I have tthe turtle beach TitanFall headset for Xbox one. Everything is connected by the book with one end of the HDMI lead firmly fixed into the console, the other into the TV. No sounds whatsoever. Edit: I also rebooted between deletion/reinstallation. Start minecraft with no headphones in headphone jack* 2. I enabled the subtitles and it shows that sound is indeed supposed to be playing. Yes, everything else has no sound issues at all. Sound works on other programs. PlayStation Plus Membership required for online multiplayer on Playstation 4. Cross-platform play available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Windows 10. 2. 2. Cross-play requires Microsoft account. Thanks for reaching out to Xbox forums support. 3. Ambience (also called ambience sounds or ambient sounds) are sounds that can be heard in specific conditions. After plugging (or unplugging) headphones, no sound can be heard because the sound is still going to the jack. Instructions: 1. Can't hear it though. Currently, there are "cave", "underwater" and "Nether" ambiences. Hey there Akilean thanks for keeping in touch. Yes, I deleted everything and reinstalled. I haven't played Minecraft in a while, it's updated to v1.11, I'm using Win 10 and I can't remember if I'm using the beta mode for Minecraft. Xbox Live Gold required for online multiplayer on Xbox One. First off, I would recommend going through our One Chat Headset troubleshooting tool steps to see if those options resolve the issue. I have the same problem. Whats up guys its i3enji also known as Benji and welcome to another video. They were created by C418 and Samuel Åberg. (or still not going to the jack. I understand that you're having issues with not being able to receive audio with your new Razer Nari headset but the microphone works fine. An issue we come up against from time to time at the Gadget Helpline is no sound coming from an Xbox One after first setting it up. In one of the recent updates, we got F3 as the debug key, and F3+S reloads "web resources". We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused but rest assured we are here to help, we have seen this in the past and since the issue could be on the actual OS of the console so we would suggest a > Soft Factory Reset < (while keeping games and apps, both controller and headset plugged in) IF AND ONLY IF THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA IS … Currently, there are 136 different ambience sounds. Ambience is divided into groups of ambience sounds that play under same condition/s. Well I got to the elite 800x turtle beaches and I love them but same problem, i wish they would go louder. The Computer OS detects the headphones muting the speakers, which is normal operation) Steps to Reproduce (no audio through headphones): 1. I have to do it every time I restart the game, but there is sound.

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