If you conclude that your trial is directly related to your sin or to your stupidity, what should you do? In light of his repeated references to his sins, including the sins of his youth, he must have been older. What do we do then? Second, as the Lord leads and provides, would you consider giving faithfully and regularly to the need? We can say it this way: God is not on trial during our trials; we are. Let’s ask that the Lord will be glorified as He leads us in His paths of lovingkindness and truth! All of the good, and what we perceive to be bad, is God working to the good of those who call Him, Father. B. Do not be led astray by those in the world and by all of the other avenues that this world can offer. Here’s the kicker, God wants you to come knocking! Psalm 37 is a wonderful guide and you broke it down so well. Note David’s situation: He has treacherous enemies that are seeking to exult in his demise (vv. 34:5). But, thankfully, God instructs sinners in His way (v. 8)! The bank was only willing to give us a two-year note. Paul was burdened by this thorn in the flesh and called on God who responded, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness. Calvin (pp. You don’t need a psychic, you don’t need the drugs, you don’t need the alcohol, and you don’t need those so-called friends who never seem to provide you with any kind of help. More than that, by God’s power, we can exult in them if we see the result God is accomplishing. We don’t go asking God enough. So, how do we seek the Lord in our hard times? In our times of trouble we, believers, should first seek God. Vaughan Smith Several Psalms and many Proverbs divide all of humanity into two groups:the righteous and the wicked. But we need to sustain our mortgage until the Lord provides a solution. I’ve gotten so where I will quickly ask my brother for help when it comes to some things I cannot do. After much prayer and many hours of discussion and counsel, we purchased this 14-acre parcel in west Flagstaff. David embraced difficult times because he believed his future was in the hands of a God that loved him. If you are a believer, the last thing that should happen to you is that you have been led astray, especially, when all you have to do is seek God! Where is the balance between proper self-examination and spiritually unhealthy introspection? The Hebrew word for “paths” refers to ruts made by wagon wheels passing over the same ground often. I eventually found that this was false. Remember God’s Love “Don’t be deceived, my beloved brothers” (v. 16). L ife is full of twists and turns and sometimes we fall upon hard times.No matter what the circumstance we can rest in the fact that God is always faithful. In seeking for a more spiritual dimension to my life, I joined a New Age organization. In light of his repeated references to his sins, including the sins of his youth, he must have been older. He is just (v. 9) and forgiving (v. 11). If you got home and didn’t understand the school work you would ask your parents to see if they could help you out. There is one other application here: Whenever I am in a difficult situation, whether a health need, a financial need, an interpersonal conflict, or whatever, I use the trial to examine my own heart. So if you’re going through a hard time, don’t forget to pray for others. Sign up today to receive new sermon, bible study, and other site notifications. Trust is behind David’s repeated plea that he not be ashamed (vv. And I realize both my own enormous need for grace and my need patiently to extend God’s grace to others, as He has done to me. 3:26). Keeping faith in God during hard times can be extremely difficult. God is already working behind the scenes on our behalf. Why/why not? The prayers of God's people, in agreement, ascend to Him like sweet, fragrant incense. If David, who walked with God from his youth, was facing these kinds of trials as he was about my age (early 60’s), then none of us are exempt. It requires walking with integrity and uprightness (v. 21). But for people who pray daily, detachment is seeking God in difficult moments. In verse 11, he again cries out, “For Your name’s sake, O Lord, pardon my iniquity, for it is great.” In verse 18, he again asks the Lord, “forgive all my sins.”. Was he a fool to do so or is God worth trusting in? And many among them shall stumble; They shall fall and be broken, Be snared and taken.”. It means to fear Him (vv. He is compassionate and loving (v. 6). But rather than following such an outline, I want to treat it by dealing with some of the major themes: Trials; sin and guilt; seeking the Lord for wisdom in such situations; and, the Lord’s capability of delivering us from these trials for His glory and our ultimate good. We can’t be certain about David’s circumstances in this psalm. Praise God in the storms, through the battles, and when life gets hard. But read your Bible! David prays for the Lord to teach him His ways (25:4-5, 8-9). The Devotional Guy™ is a blog written by workplace chaplain and ministry leader Rainer Bantau, an ambassador for Christ and an advocate for people seeking to grow in their relationships with God and others as they navigate the hills and valleys of life. Difficult times show true colors, hard times reveal true friends, and the good will be blessed through the pain…Just let go and let God! To walk in God’s ways includes several things as revealed in this psalm. Since his sin with Bathsheba and the murder of her husband led to the events of Absalom’s revolt, it probably was written during that episode.Note David’s situation: He has treacherous enemies that are seeking to exult in his demise (vv. We need God when we are up on cloud nine, and things seem just right in our life. In Psalm 34, David reminds us that we should praise God through the good times and bad. We are simply blessed to live an obedient life. Having faith in God during difficult times can be incredibly hard. O my God, in You I trust.” Calvin says (pp. God “delivered” John the Baptist, James, and Paul (2 Tim. In our times of trouble we should first seek God because know how to get us out of those times. We are at our weakest when we are going through times of trouble. The closer you draw near to the Lord, the more hideous the sins that you committed when you were younger appear to be. He reveals His truth to those who fear Him (v. 14). The older I get, the more I relate to the prayer that God would not remember the sins of my youth. It means to wait on the Lord (vv. In our times of distress we should seek God so that He can place us on top of His shoulders and leave us with no worries as He carries us. Our difficult circumstances should drive us to examine our hearts, confess and forsake all known sin, and cry out to the Lord for His gracious deliverance, all for His glory and our ultimate good. There is a better way: One of God’s main reasons for bringing such trials into our lives is to get us to seek Him more fervently as we recognize in a new way how dependent on Him we really are. No matter why I’m in this difficulty, what is the Lord trying to teach me? Trust in Him. 2, 3, 20). But I want to testify that trusting God in difficult times (even finding joy through trials!) To walk in God’s ways means to obey Him (v. 10). So we put the equestrian property on the market. Hear how our family has learned to have faith during trials, and how you can find joy in trials too with a free joy Bible study sample. We must ask, seek, and knock on the door of God as it is said in Matthew 7:7 –. The church raised about $750,000 in cash and we borrowed $1.8 million to make up the $2.5 million purchase price. So David’s argument in prayer is, “Lord, I’m trusting totally in You. Do you try to trudge through the difficult times all on your lonesome or do you try to call out for help? While that is still true, it has nothing to do with Him needing to be praised and everything to … If you are struggling today, or you know someone who is in hard times, I hope that these 21 uplifting Scriptures will be a blessing. He is our fortress, our guide and our light. In times of trouble we should be like the Apostle Paul who said he sought the Lord thrice because of the thorn in his flesh. Reply. I’m so glad I have found you,I’m going through a,difficult time right now,praying to God for hope strwngth. Brittany says. 5, 10). The psalm is full of God’s attributes: God is trustworthy and faithful (vv. Why do we, His children, continue to do such a thing as not call on Him in our times of trouble? 3:3 But You, Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, and the One who lifts up my head. God tells us to fix our eyes on Him. Tribulation tests our identity as Christians – Tribulation tests our identity. He wants to enlarge our territory. Why do we choose to seek other means over God? What a beautiful post about trusting God during our difficult times. There was also another piece of property that seemed more suitable for us. Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. ), “So we could rightly say that the psalm is a school-book lesson on how to live so as to please God and be blessed by him.” I would only add, “in the context of difficult trials.”. We make an even bigger mess of things when we refuse to seek and understand the work that He is doing in our lives! Certainly in Is he just being prideful? What do I mean by that? God will take your time of troubles and destroy them! When they hit, we should examine ourselves more deeply and entrust ourselves to God more fully, knowing that we are in His perfect will. His way of getting the gospel to the Waodani tribe in Ecuador was to have them murder five choice young missionaries. The last verse compels me to share with you the “troubles” that we’re facing as a church. Throughout the psalm, David asks God to teach him His ways or paths (vv. Why am I experiencing all of these trials?” They think that if you obey God, He gives you a free pass from trials. For example, it was recently suggested that we use it for a Bible college. But he must ask in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind.” The context of James’ counsel is the need for wisdom in the midst of various trials (James 1:2-3). 3, 5, 21), because His timing is not always our timing. If we received some large gifts, we could pay off the mortgage and then consider whether the Lord would have us keep the property and use it for some ministry purposes. After David’s initial prayer (25:1-7), he pauses to review who the Lord is. Boice concludes (ibid. How can you be led out the valleys of the shadow of death if you do not seek help from God? Note again verse 11: “For Your name’s sake, O Lord, pardon my iniquity, for it is great.” God’s name refers to His attributes, to all that He is as He has revealed Himself to us in His Word. Reflection questions It’s easier said than done but rejoice in your hard times by looking for the Lord in your situation. Job cried out God wishing that he had someone that could mediate on his behalf just so God could hear from him. When we are walking through those dark and gloomy times we ought to turn and seek God so that God can carry us through! If the Lord lets him down and David’s enemies triumph over him, not only David’s honor, but also the Lord’s honor, is at stake. Jesus is God in the flesh. As the numbers in the bulletin indicate, we are currently in arrears in our property fund by over $52,000. He is the Savior (v. 5). When you’re drowning and you scream out for help, do you care who comes to get you out of the deep? We are gullible to fall for any kind of assistance, and could end up being led anywhere. They also require wisdom. He will hold us in the hollow of His hand and when we ask, He will help us through the hard times. We don’t go seeking God enough. March 15, 2017 at 2:21 pm. During our times of distress we could be liable to fall for any kind of help that is offered. Sounds like just what you need right now! We especially need God in our life when we are going through those valleys of the shadow of death. 4:18) by having their heads cut off! 1, 3), because none that wait for Him will be ashamed. 2-3). Some of us stopped seeking God first. 4, 5, 8-10, 12, 14). We then make an even bigger mess of things because we want turn to seek after Him and understand what and why things are happening.

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