This helps you to more quickly dial into where the fish are holding and what they are eating that day. It is surprising how many fish we catch on that bait! A stretch of beach such as this is typically going to hold more fish, and is where you should focus your efforts. First, of course, is the annual spawn – more about that later. The two downrigger baits – usually ribbonfish – are at two different depths and one is back farther than the other. The choice of hooking the trebles under the fish on along its dorsal is again a personal arguable choice. It’s make or break time, and often times once the sun pops up, many fish move to slightly deeper water. The best place to start is in the first trough from the beach no matter how close that gut is. Heavily used for catching billfish, the Goggle eye is also perhaps the best kingfish bait you can get. Sometimes i use beads (orange mostly), sometimes I don’t. The Southern Kingfish is a resident of all Mexican waters of the Atlantic Ocean including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. Fishes PDF updated 4/12/19 . Other times anglers simply look for other boats on the beach already catching their bait. Even the humble pilchard can turn up big kings. Kingfish are attracted to fast moving or erratically moving lures. When holding the rod, a medium light rod with a fast action is your best option so as to help you detect subtle bites. But, it also allows you to fish with several different types of baits and at different water depths at the same time. I’ll hit on the following topics. The Southern Kingfish can be easily confused with the Gulf Kingfish, Menticirrhus littoralis (plain silver color; short pectoral fins) and the Northern Kingfish, Menticirrhus saxatilis (5 or 6 oblique bars; dark stripe under lateral line; 8 anal fin rays). “Whiting”, which also go by many other nicknames, are actually three separate species of fish which are listed below. In fact, it's thought that the only reason the boat needs to move at all is to keep the live baits from swimming up to the boat and tangling lines. The northern kingfish is the least common of the three. Along the Texas coast, both Southern kingfish and Gulf kingfish are known as whiting. Depending on surf conditions, I use from a 1 to 3 ounce pyramid weight combined with a 1/0 circle hook or smaller. Roundhead, Sea Mullet, Whiting, King Whiting, Virginia Mullet. ). As a final option, you could try to wait them out – try fishing another time of the day. If small fish pick at your bait, they won’t be able to steal it before a larger fish has a chance to eat it. You might have to do that a few times until you find the fish. Sometimes, such as in winter, whiting might be further out in deeper water. You will have to find your own preference, but the 2 hook pompano rig above, combined with a surf rod setup similar to the image below, is extremely effective for me. Oval live wells work better, but a round live well is ideal. You will sometimes miss seeing the bite, especially in rough surf conditions. Fish Bites are an affordable and super tough bait. If you fish an area of beach for a short while and don’t get bit, pack up and move down the beach. You will find them off beaches and near passes and inlets. Hope you find some kings this summer! Note:  Since whiting prefer sandy or muddy bottoms in less than 30 feet of water, don’t waste your time fishing in the wrong places – avoid really deep water, rocky bottoms, etc. Those are two great places to test your luck. per 0.5 kg. Southern Kingfish Fillets Skin Off Bone Out 500g/Fresh. Any more than that and it feels like too much work. Fifteen or 20 years ago, my gear of choice was relatively heavy, bulky Penn Senators and Daiwa Sealines in 6/0 and 9/0 sizes, along with a smattering of Penn Internationals and Shimano Beastmaster 30-50 lever-drags (my favourite was a hefty 50-80 model! Because of this, it’s important to check your bait often, as it’s easy to miss your tiny bait getting stolen. I would personally avoid using artificial baits other than a couple proven options. The southern kingfish is another popular fish to catch in the summertime to the fall in Delaware, showing up in the surf, inland bays, and Delaware bay. You will often find that the catfish bite doesn’t last all day or at least will slow down at some point. Once a strike happens, the free spool can be shut down and the fight will begin. Try retrieving your line slowly to improve your catch. They can be found all along the gulf coast and up the eastern coast of the US all the way to the Chesapeake Bay area. That’s how you ensure they can get the bait inside their small mouths before they steal it. Also, if you can find some water that looks different in some way, that is a good place to start. Extremely shiny, and very active on a hook, kingfish (especially the big smokers) can’t resist a good Goggle eye. You will need to purchase a sand flea rake for this, which you can obtain from a local sporting goods store, bait shop or online. All three species have the following things in common. Southern kingfish (Menticirrhus americanus). but you could use a one drop or three drop as well. Call us for custom bait orders. Most kingfish angling is accomplished by slow trolling live baits -- because of this, the boat needs to move as slowly as possible. They tend to stay near the surface, flipping their tails and causing a large rippling area that is relatively easy to spot from a boat. A 1500-5000 sized reel is a good range for general beach fishing. The standard and most used bait is the ever-present menhaden shad. If it’s an eating sized “whiting”, straight into the cooler it goes. All whiting are flattened on their undersides, with a sort of triangular body composition. Some boats troll for long periods of time with no strike only to find that their baits either got hit, came off or simply died. If you have gone more than 20 minutes, it’s time to reel in and see what the situation is. Generally speaking, the fishing will be best in the spring throughout the gulf coast region. Besides getting your setup right, the time of year is certainly going to have an impact on your odds of success. It will also respond favourably to jigging, saltwater fly fishing and trolling with dead and live baits. For leaders, I mostly use a two drop pompano rig but you could use a one drop or three drop as well. It also reduces your encounters with stingrays. The southern kingfish, also known as the southern kingcroaker, is the most common of the three. Many anglers feel like 1.5 to 2 knots is a good speed. You will have to check your specific region to determine when the peak spawn will likely occur. Ribbonfish are hooked in a similar fashion, only instead of one stinger, there are usually three. If you fish an area of beach for a short while and don’t get bit, pack up and move down the beach. Typically I don’t actually hold the rod, but rather I choose to use multiple rods positioned along the beach in sand spikes. Whiting are some of the easiest edible fish to target from the beach, especially in the South. Otherwise, a downrigger will take the bait deep. January 2012: YFTV ventures east to the rugged Victorian coast (Australia) to explore the Bass Strait for new kingfish opportunites. And, even in the northeast, you can catch whiting all the way into the fall. You can absolutely use a single rod to catch whiting – no doubt. (i.e. The long silvery, toothy critter is a favorite of kingfish, and while hard to find and pricey at bait shops, it fills many bait coolers on tournament days. If you don’t catch fish there, or if they are too small, start trying other areas (further and further out and side to side). For the mainline, you should go with 8-15 pound mono or 10-20 pound braid. That means chasing a fish around before bringing him to gaff, but trust me – you will pull the hooks on a heavy drag. Finally, since the surf will be tugging at your line and masking bites, at least you have other baits in the water in case your bait was stolen by fish or crabs. Finally, I prefer spinning reels for the beach, but i have used baitcasters as well. I purchased this one from Amazon and it works very well. However, to gain the most sport from the endeavor, I find it best to use medium light tackle, especially if you plan to hold the rod while fishing. There is so much activity in the water’s edge as day is breaking, but it won’t last forever. The markings on Southern kingfish and Gulf kingfish are not nearly as prominent and do not form the V-shaped pattern. The most obvious reason for 2 hooks is that it gives you a better shot at getting more bites.

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