With Sennheiser’s technology and rugged testing, you can rest assured that the performance will move you. There will be no distortions in the audio and the connection will be smooth and efficient. These headphones are both excellent and will make you happy when listening to any kind of music. However, with the HD 6XX, the cable is short, around 5 ft or less, which was appreciated by a lot of consumers. And, honestly, Sennheiser headphones are not built for personal use either, you buy them for a recording studio or music production. Along with Sennheisers precision and outstanding performance, the HD 58X is already at the top of the charts. They optimized their headphones for better connectivity and noise cancelation. I think I'm done. Sennheiser, the crown jewel of ultimate audio. They are not compatible with all amplifiers. Some DIY Bluetooth porta pros for around the house. It simply reinforces the previous impressions I have … Biggest flaw of the 660 S is the price, I think it should be 399.99, 499 is too expensive in a world that the 600 can frequently be found for 279.99. With the re-released version, the HD 6XX, that performance is upscaled with the latest tuning and modernization techniques both my Massdrop and Sennheiser labs. Ever since then Sennheiser has been the favorite and most known audio brand in the world. (for gaming – this would be my call as well due to a better proportioned soundstage). 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,748. Anyway, I don't think any of the ear pads above will play well with HD650/HD6XX, sadly. $399.99 $ 399. However, with Sennheiser’s accurate stress testing and tuning, along with Massdrops contribution, you can rest assured that the drivers will hit the target frequency responses precisely and append it with both the right and left channel of the headphones. An old school company that only specializes in audio and any kind of audio device. Ergo less power consumption and more efficiency by the HD 58X. I havent done much research but i would be really shocked if they advertised them as mobile friendly. Primary Navigation Menu. Tuned by Massdrop and Axel Grell himself, the creator of the first HD 580, the HD58X Jubilee is a phenomenal device. Both the original and the new 598SR version. In terms of build quality, they both are the same. Who placed that subwoofer in a corner?". They sound great, they look professional, and most importantly, they are consistent in performance. Me to Me: "Is this room even treated? The comfort of the HD 58X maybe a little more than that of the HD 6XX and that is to say that these are both hefty headphones with big elliptical cushions that are not memory foam. So Sennheiser came up with a solution and manufactured headphones that produce sound at a very high definition without distortions. This is why Massdrop and Sennheiser collaborated together and brought you this wonderful product called the HD 58X Jubilee. And, that says a lot about them being the best. K7xx, HD6xx, HD58x, HE4xx, or DT990? The HD58X has the best bass extension of Sennheiser’s HD6** series headphones. That should help quickly pick which one is best for you. by Ziad Hossain. I splurged on the 6XX but I'm sill debating on whether to get the 58X also. If you prefer your treble to be a little bit more comfortable, the HD6XX … If you are someone who likes a thicker heft to the entire sound … The Sennheiser HD 6XX, a phenomenal headphone that has the subtlety and calmness but also maddening performance. They're also supposedly tweaking the signature before shipping in June. When it comes to the mid-range frequencies, the HD 6XX is so relaxed and smooth sounding, you will want to sit back and relax for a while, listening to the melody that passes through your body and soul. I've never heard the MDR-1000Xs but I do have the HD598s. The earcups are matte, as is the lower part of the frame that holds the earcups. Definitely the 58x. Sounds like 58X is great for saving the $100 on an amp, plus the $50 lower price from 6XX. That’s what they are marketing it as. The sound imaging is great and that is one of the most important aspects of a headphone. The connector cable is not excessively long so it is easy to carry around. They are still unable to keep up with stock and that is all because of the glory of the HD 6XX. The HD 6XX handles the audio well in all frequency ranges, the highs, mids, and the lows. The HD58x has a bit more sub-bass and a bit punchier mid-bass. [–]Element_EchoModi 3 > Magni 3 | Crack > HD 6XX | HD58X | IE80 S | M50x 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (0 children). Basically the 6xx is warmer/smoother and more detailed, but the 58x will sound more exciting. Am I just not understanding it? Sennheiser has always looked out for their customers and their satisfaction. 15 years is a long time. Other options New and used ... hd58x … On the other hand, the HD 58X will make you move and dance on the spot. The first revolutionary product of Sennheiser was the background noise dampening microphones that can record audio without any background noise. Sony MDR-7506s with a detachable cable and simple volume knob. Sure enough, it is not the best headphone for gaming but when it comes to music, professional audio production, and other business purposes, you will not be disappointed. Great headphones for beginners, aspiring audiophiles, and audio engineers. Furthermore, the sound quality is different between the two headphones. Summary The Elex and HD58X sound more similar than different, but for my own use, I prefer the HD58X, price no object. Are those arrows or more than/less than signs? Insane clarity and clear audio make you dance on the spot. Which is why Massdrop, an e-commerce company that finds products based on the community’s interests and work with them to make them better, collaborated with Sennheiser and released a variant of these headphones which broke the pre-order queue. Half or something the impedance. Especially if you want to pair it with a tube AMP. Another advantage of this driver is that this makes the connection between your audio source and the headphones stronger. For many people this is actually a bad thing, they say it sounds shouty but if your after super intimate vocals the 600 is the best of the line. But here is a couple of reviews for ya. Surprisingly clean sound with great clarity that will put a smile on your face. A slight error or miscommunication can lead to a catastrophe and put hundreds of lives in danger. I am a bot | Mail BotOwner | v1.1 | Code | Ban - Help | This comment updates every 12 hours. With the elliptical-shaped ear cuffs that fit with the structure of your ears perfectly, the comfort level increases drastically and by a significant amount. The unconventional look of the headphones make them noticeable and also provides space for drivers and other features. The price was worth it to me, plus I like the aesthetic more. Of course, these headphones are further tweaked to catch up with the current trends but in terms of performance, they were already the best. Basically the 6xx is warmer/smoother and more detailed, but the 58x will sound … If you don't have anything in the lineup I'd say they're a great buy. Also, I think the channel matching isn't quite as exact with the HD58X. Then comes the convenient cabling. The HD58X sports a black paintjob which for most of the part is glossy. The bass is strong and impactful especially for headphones and the mid-range and high range frequencies are even clearer. Rendered by PID 30437 on r2-app-0c3262b8e790ca973 at 2020-12-05 16:05:04.005432+00:00 running a7f2daa country code: FR. Music in mind the HD6XX … An absolute win. The audiophiles were piling in left and right for these headphones and these were really good. From what I hear, the HD6XX sounds identical at the lower frequencies, but at the upper range, I felt there is a slight veil, which is only noticeable if you do a comparison. When it comes to quality, Sennheiser is yet to be beaten by any brand. They produce headphones, earphones, wireless earbuds, speakers, soundbars, telephone accessories, and even aviation headsets as well. On the other hand, the HD 58X … It commanded a high price point and even though there were other cheaper competitions, the HD 650 still prevailed for its performance. More than less than signs, left side is best, right side is worst. I'm leaning 58x right now because they'll be easier to drive and they'll keep me at a lower customs tax bracket. The Sennheiser HD 6XX, the comeback of the king of headphones. The real question isn't comparing the new hd6xx vs the 15 year old hd600, but the new hd6xx vs the latest hd600/650. First released in 2003, the initial model or its predecessor was the HD 650. The modernizations and optimizations added to the HD 58X already put it on the league with the modern high definition headphones of this era. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Amazon.com: NewFantasia Audio Upgrade Cable Compatible with Sennheiser HD650, HD600, HD580, HD660S, HD58X, HD565, Massdrop HD6XX Headphone Silver Plated Wire with 3.5mm 1/8" Male & … YouTube TV vs PS Vue: Streaming Services that you might have missed looking into. Despite its intended usage, they are ideal for gaming and watching movies. As for the soundstage, i have both the hd6xx and hd58x and i can say that the 58x has a sloghtly wider soundstage than the hd6xx. Has a more controlled bass which is not too overpowering over the mid and high ranges. 150 ohm is definitely still neccesary to amp, it is just easier to drive then 300 ohm. Nowadays they have been a little under the radar, overshadowed by other tech giants but you can still see them pop up in the rankings. However, these models are old as in, they were released before 2015 and around that decade. I'm actually thinking of getting an HD 660S from the HD 598 I have right now for the phenomenal bass. Massdrop HD6XX (currently $199): I thought this was an HD650 clone but it might be an HD600 clone (perhaps someone knows fer sur). The significant difference between the HD 58X and the HD 6XX is the 150-ohm driver that the former model comprises. Sennheiser produces products for professionals, with the aim that they will deliver the best performance in the market. I've upgraded every other part of my audio with a new hi fi DAC and headphone amp, so it's time for a better set of headphones than my SHP9500s. The first released headphone of this series was the HD 580 Precision. They are great headphones carrying all the glory of Sennheiser as mentioned earlier without depreciating the quality and displeasing the users. But, this has become an old school device in the modern world. However, he HD58X … I listen to orchestral and epic music primarily, so I wonder which would be best. Unfortunately unregistered people cannot see the products you linked, but don't worry, I'll fix that: Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones ( / 9 days left), Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Headphones ( / 14 days left). It might be bugging you that how did Sennheiser make its way into the aviation world? He has an updated one in the PDF on his website. In terms of sound quality, the HD 650 had a killer audio quality with it being released nearly two decades ago. … HD6xx … Rather, this new driver reduces the need for amplifications unlike other headphones while also retaining the same magnet strength and driver size. The 600 has a nice balance between treble being present and avoiding harshness but it sounds quite boring as a result IMO. I wonder if they would outperform my MDR-1000Xs on the computer. Zeos likes the HD58x and 6xx for gaming, and they respond well to an EQ like the Schiit Loki to tweak the bass. I’m definitely looking forward to the HD 660S then! That experience begins with a hefty black case of thick cardboard, layered with an ample bed of hard foam, and boasting a black-gloss Sennheiser logo on the lid.Inside, t… So, an upgrade or redesign is called for. Do audiophile androids dream of electrostatic sheep? They named the new revised model the Sennheiser x Massdrop HD 6XX. If you just never want to hear anything excessively offensive, go for the HD6xx. The design is robust but it is built that way for utmost performance. You wanted the King and you shall have it. Only reason I would recommend a HD600 at this point would be to save money or if you wanted to pair it with a high output impedance tube amp. It was made possible with the feedback of the audiophile community that has always helped and influenced Sennheisers work to achieve utmost customer satisfaction. Sennheiser, the crown jewel of ultimate audio. The latter headphones with their 300ohm voice coils are more resolving with better gear. The bass is nothing to be impressed with compared to the current generation of headphones from other tech giants. These headphones are a tad bit on the expensive side but, it delivers the experience of thousands. The Sennheiser HD 650s reign lasted for 15 years until it was taken down by other audio giants and brands. The treble is harsher, but also more exciting. The sound quality of the HD 58X is smooth, clear, fast, and dynamic with no latency. When the HD 650 debuted in 2003 (and for much of its tenure at the front of Sennheiser’s fleet), the headphones cost a cool $500-plus. They are musical, a quality unheard-of in this price segment, and a few … If you want excitement and engagement and dont mind occasionally getting harshness, go for the HD58x. You will feel a calming sensation pass over your body with the HD 6XX. The Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee are better critical listening headphones than the Sennheiser HD 650. The earpads are not comfortable and pointy which can cause discomfort. This capability of the headphones delivering pristine quality at all frequency ranges is something to appreciate. As soon as the launch, their website was filled with pre-orders to the point that the server crashed. The bass is not too heavy but smooth. It needs more EQ to sound good based on SOlderdudes impressions, but that is hardly a big deal and all of the HD6xx need EQ for subbass anyway IMO. He along with some other audio engineers began the development of audio equipment in a laboratory. [–]uvwevwevweNOgard 7 points8 points9 points 2 years ago (0 children), [–][deleted] 1 point2 points3 points 2 years ago (6 children), There are plenty of 6XX reviews but not much for the 58X due to them being a new headphone. They produce high definition audio without any tradeoffs. at 50 ohms the benefits of an amp are noticeable to non-audiophiles, at 150 they just simply wont be loud enough for most people without an amp. Those of you who know and have used Sennheisers HD 650 know how great the product is in terms of quality. Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro 80 ohms vs 250 ohms comparison, Welcome to SoundboxLAB - Home of tech journalist, who always interact with sound technician and engineers and try to gather all information of latest sound system tech advancement, also interact with audiophile and real user as well as do research to make all information available to our audience. Sennheiser is the leading audio brand for pristine quality and assurance. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. In other words, the bass is more natural. Their bass is slightly better and has less roll-off. And The 58X was designed to be used with phones, so less problems with not enough power to drive the speakers. Some of them don't make sense? This hampered normal usage since the headphones were not wireless and you could not take them outside without having a 15 ft long cable hanging around you. I think the HD 660 sounds better in every way really. [–]Jasonwj322a 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (0 children). Yep, and they're 150ohm so easier to drive vs. the 300ohm HD600/HD650. A non-audiophile's experience with upgrading to better headphones (my upgrade experience from Skullcandy Crusher to DT770), Just bought these from a local guy for 100$ used - like new and met a fellow audiophile. [–]Eldereon[S] 2 points3 points4 points 2 years ago (1 child). While the HD 58X sounds more on your face like the audio is choppy, crisp, loud, and clear; the HD 6XX is more relaxed, chilled. But it might be due to my gear and the headphones might … That chart was from the pre-production version though so its not valid anymore. Not ideal for gaming in a competitive environment. This headphone can be disassembled to its component parts by hand and all of the parts are replaceable. The HD 6XX is no different and provides pristine clarity and accurate sound in all levels of frequencies. That’s what Massdrop is claiming because they use the 150 ohm drivers of the 660s/700. Both the pilots and air traffic control towers use Sennheiser headphones for communication and it has not failed them in any task. Neutral sound: HD600 > HD660S > HD58X > HD650. And while the price has plummeted for the 6XX version, that doesn’t mean potential buyers won’t get a real taste of audiophile luxury. But, they are nothing to be taken lightly either. [–]cheapspadesSchiit Jotunheim -> HD 660 S 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (0 children). And so, Sennheiser made it their priority to make the HD 58X comfortable for long uses. The audiophile community’s feedback and comments are what drives them towards success and it is what brought back the HD 6XX to life. So, one headphone can last you a lifetime without replacing it, and if you need to, just change the part you want and you are good to go. If you read some of the follow-up posts, you can find further evidence of this being the case: Note that the HD6XX is essentially the equivalent of the HD650. FREE Shipping by Amazon. The open-back design is not the best since sound can be heard from the outside but, the heavy cushioning adds to the noise cancelation, and also these are best for a quiet comfortable place where you will not be bothered. The reason being, many headphones focus on high bass, some are so bass focused that the high and mid-range frequencies remain untouched and disappear among the immense and distasteful bass. An old school company that only specializes in audio and any kind of audio device. Thanks! Only 16 left in stock (more on the way). Logic would dictate greater than signs due to the lack of tail. [–]MassdropBot 10 points11 points12 points 2 years ago (1 child). © 2020 reddit inc. All rights reserved. HD6XX: Overall flat, inviting and smooth (in the presentation sense), these have the "this sounds right" sound signature. [–]jm090HD800SDR|Argon|Crack|THX789AAA 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (0 children). Now, Sennheiser has and always will dominate the headphones industry. For most people, the HD58x … crinacle's Ranked IEM List (over 274 Entries), EQ information and settings for many headphones, https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-sennheiser-hd6xx, https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-x-sennheiser-hd-58x-jubilee-headphones, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUKbI8p2bRk, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbxdRYnab9o, "The 58X will sound more exciting and airier..." - Raimei-Templar, Liveliness: HD660S > HD58X > HD650 > HD600. They also provide enough cushioning in the ear cuffs so your ears will remember the feeling for a while. Well, it was not easy of course, but, in Airplanes and Air traffic control towers, communication is of utmost importance. HD58x – If you are willing to concede a bit of detail for better bass depth and a bit more energetic signature, the HD-58x gets the call over the HD-6xx. The noise cancelation in the Sennheiser headphones is insane. The speakergrills are grey and as a whole it gives the HD58X … Cookies help us deliver our Services. Massdrop HD6XX vs HD58X * HD6XX… User account menu. You will not want to remove them and with the performance, the experience is enough to make you weak in the knees. If you are on a budget, the choice might be a little easier since the HD 58X is a little cheaper than the other but, then again the HD 6XX is also a great sounding headphone. Massdrop Sennheiser HD 58X … However, the HD 600 and 58X seem like incredible headphones as well. They may be interesting on HD58X and HD660S, though, and I'm guessing Dekoni did their testing on those headphones (or one of the new HD600) rather than on the HD6XX… ⅛ inch (3.5 mm) gold - plated stereo jack plug, Glossy black headband, grey metal grilles. PCodeXbro June 28, 2019, 8 ... Have to say i like the Philips SHP9500 more in gaming than HD6XX or Philips Fidelio X2. The Massdrop HD6XX is a hugely popular twist on the Sennheiser HD650 variant headphone and a partnership between Drop and Sennheiser. You are getting the best device in an open back package, that looks aggressive but has the heart of a marshmallow. Vocals are stronger and dominate the mix. [–]Eldereon[S] 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (1 child). Sennheiser was founded in 1945 by Fritz Sennheiser, an audio engineer. During that time this headphone was the king in advanced audio control and delivery. The parts are replaceable so you do not have to buy a new one if damaged. With sturdy para-aramid and surprisingly low handling noise, these headphones deliver the best performance for the money and leave you flabbergasted. I haven’t done the calculations but if it’s like the 650, I’d amp it. But in the case of the HD 600, the only thing that it does significantly "better" is vocals. On the company’s 50th anniversary, Sennheiser released the HD 580 Jubilee, the headphone that turned heads not with its looks but with the performance. Did you know, half of the headphone’s performance lies within its design? Now, coming to the topic at hand, the Sennheiser HG58X and the Sennheiser HD6XX are phenomenal devices. Other than the driver impedance, the HD 6XX, while needing a good amplifier sounds phenomenal. Can connect to any audio source and listen without depreciating the audio quality. So, you will be hearing clean, transient audio from both the left and right speakers without a lack or loss in precision. What, a phone can power the 58xx without a portable amp? Audio Technica AD2000-Geshelli Archel 2.5/Modius, Modi 3 > Magni 3 | Crack > HD 6XX | HD58X | IE80 S | M50x, K712, MD+, TMA-2, HD58X, HD558, SE215, PortaPro X, VE Monk+. This means it does not require a higher amplification to run unlike the HD 6XX. It is priced at $199. Sennheiser has always been the top choice of headphones for all audiophiles and audio engineers, even regular consumers would prefer a Sennheiser headset over others, of course, if it fits in their budget. 58X - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbxdRYnab9o. Not a good headphone for competitive gaming. [–]Jasonwj322a 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (2 children). … Disclaimer: The Massdrop HD6XX … Both of the models are really old and yet, they are still somehow on the top charts of the best headphones in the market. Taxi Biringer | Koblenz; Gästebuch; Impressum; Datenschutz do the 1000xM4 have the same sound quality when wired? Could be the build quality overall has changed or perhaps the build on the hd6xx … Bass is present and ‘tighter’ than that of the HD650/HD6XX. The new 150 ohm drivers are a wonderful addition to this headphone as it changed the way these work. The big bulky ear cuffs that hold large drivers are so clear and crisp, they produce a sound so smooth, you will start imagining the sound and feel it down your spine. [–]Raimei-TemplarAudio Technica AD2000-Geshelli Archel 2.5/Modius 2 points3 points4 points 2 years ago* (1 child). [–][deleted] 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (0 children). The slightly warm but mostly neutral sound signature works well on … HD6XX: HD58X… [–]TBdog 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (3 children). You should not stress your decision as to which to choose. In particular and informally speaking, is the clarity, warmth, and Treble of the HD 660S significantly/noticeably inferior to that of the HD 58X or HD 600 in your experience? First released in 1991 by Sennheiser, it was a series loved by many audiophiles in the world. X2 vs HD58X vs HD6XX: Audio: 1: Nov 6, 2018: S: HD6XX vs K7XX: Audio: 1: Jan 26, 2018: Y: Will the ASUS Xonar DX be able to drive the Sennheiser HD6XX: Audio: 1: Dec 18, 2017: Similar threads; Solved! No matter what you buy, be it the HD 6XX or the HD 58X, they are sure to make you happy and satisfy your every need. These new ones are pretty stiff so I guess I've just gotta break them in. The new 150 ohm drivers enable great sound quality without needing extra amplification. Back then, it felt like it was the revival of the King. The Sennheiser HD58X nicknamed the Jubilee is a headphone with history. [–]Eldereon[S] 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (5 children). Cant speak for the 58x as I havent heard that, but initial impressions seem to say its very similar to the HD660s, though not as detailed. Now, it was a long-lived complaint of users with the previous model that the cable included was too long. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. π Rendered by PID 30437 on r2-app-0c3262b8e790ca973 at 2020-12-05 16:05:04.005432+00:00 running a7f2daa country code: FR. He loves them, great price. I bought them. HD58X vs HD599 (HD599 is 『warmer』) HD58X vs HD600 (= HD580 with different grille) modified HD58X vs HD600 DT990 Pro 250 (bathtub shaped compared to the Sennheisers. [–]following_eyesK712, MD+, TMA-2, HD58X, HD558, SE215, PortaPro X, VE Monk+ 1 point2 points3 points 2 years ago (0 children). Sennheiser HD 650 Open Back Professional Headphone. You can get these in a number of finishes, so the options are open to interpretation. The uses are anchored towards all genres such as personal, professional and business uses.

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