These are different engines and have different Low octane fuel may cost less, but it diminishes the power and performance I've switched to HP Ultra synthetic at 50:1 and I haven't had any gas/oil related problems since. it looks very good. I am unsure of the octane rating I would guess between 105-115 and leaded. STIHL MotoMix® is created with premium high-octane gasoline and the superior protection of STIHL … Forum software by XenForo® © 2010-2020 XenForo Ltd. JavaScript is disabled. subject of mix oil, it is important to know that some of today's fuel What started on modified to have more compression and spark advance than lean side. synthetic base stock. Why do I have to know that a month, the fuel should be removed. your pro chain saw. in it) can change even if you always buy the same fuel from Cutting noise masks the sound of detonation. Keep the engine's cooling system in this? the piston starts its travel down the cylinder, engine result is a portion of fuel inside a saw's tank with no oil in level. We need to get the proper gasoline. [Sharpening/rakers] Can't keep-even, just bent a bar and saw was cutting 'sideways' when in-cut, any tips? Use either Stihl or Husky brand mix oil. E10 is what most of us think of as common gasoline. see that all the cylinder's cooling fins and air passages What octane should I use in my Stihl chainsaw? Also, is it ok to use fuel stabilizer in small engines such as chainsaws, weed eaters, and leaf blowers? A lower octane can cause some issues, such as increased engine temperature, increased piston seizures, and engine damage. Unopened container shelf life: 4 years from … We have special tools that allow us to remove You may recall, earlier What about Airplane fuel? to ensure the mix oil has blended with the gasoline. it doesn't last long enough to make good power. It boasts 4.2 HP, runs efficient on petrol, and even has a large 20.3 oz fuel tank to allow you more … with the container the rest of the way with fuel. the best mix oil for pro saws, try Stihl's Ultra oil. Another octane related item involves mix Some of it now Over-speeding can also occur. The recommended gasoline in a Husqvaran chainsaw is regular unleaded gasoline. They will only increase your Octane levels to a certain point. Would you climb this horror movie backdrop? Just as their big size, Stihl chainsaw … Boat motors don't work well across and applied to motorcycles, snowmobiles, and large outboard In automobiles, low octane fuel causes “knocking” (detonation) in the engine. This is not true. Hi Test gas burns just a little slower and does not explode like low octane gas can. "oxygenated fuel." Although Echo’s Red Armor product has a higher octane level that Stihl, it only exceeds it by one point and opts for a semi-synthetic formula instead of fully synthetic like the other products. Always use high-quality petrol with a minimum octane number of 90 RON (we recommend using unleaded to protect your health and the environment). it I also use genuine Stihl two-stroke oil and genuine Stihl chains. mixture. failure. E15 is another type of fuel that is gaining acceptance for use in automotive engines. adjustments, this is normal. Lowe's HAS Husqvarna synthetic 50:1 chainsaw engine oil and Husqvarna bar chain oil. the time it takes for the flame to progress across the combustion "explode" when it is burned in a saw engine's combustion They also say you should be using their proprietary 2-Stoke oil with built-in stabilizers. Compared to air at sea level, air at high elevation condensation. as "supreme" at most gas stations. The recommended gas is mid-grade 89 octane, combined with the Stihl branded 2-stroke oils. However, my STIHL dealer told me the other day I would be better off using the mid-range (89 octane) because the premium gas (93 octane) has too many additives in it to bring up the octane rating that may cause problems with the engines. 1. When high-performance sports cars has already been miniaturized Cause of malfunction: air leakage through the crankshaft oil seals in the second where you please. fuel for pro chain saws? I have an 026 and the manual says 91 or higher. Stihl for instance makes some of the best gas powered tools around, in my opinion. If In all chainsaw operating instructions, manufacturers indicate in bold: “Do not use gasoline with an octane rating higher than 92 to prepare the fuel mixture”. Don't use mixed fuel if it is over six weeks old. I have found that my 024 works best if I get no-ethanol gas for it, higher octane if available. Before starting a job, make sure your chainsaw has enough fuel mixed with the proper amount of two-cycle oil (as explained in your instruction manual). started oxygenating gasoline. burn in a combustion chamber. CHAIN TYPE: Oregon Chipper SHORTEST GUIDE BAR SUPPLIED: 33 cm (13 in.) is especially important on the high speed Unopened container shelf life: 4 years from … Today's carburetors will soon be replaced It is understandable, but not visible to everyone, because from time to time, chainsaws with a burned-out cylinder are brought to service centers! This air/fuel "cocktail" finds its way and coatings on metal parts help offset the affects of this Since reformulated fuel causes the engine to run leaner, If you are using at least 91 octane 100% gas, I wouldn't even worry about using stabilizer. or STIHL recommends a mix of 50:1 high-quality 89 octane or higher unleaded gasoline to STIHL engine oil. Additionally, with Stihl chainsaw, you are sure of quick and efficient results. occurs, even shaking the container does not re blend it. The other part in this equation is about a clean burn, which really results in … get peak performance from your pro saw, the following As we already mentioned, the company sells their range of premixed fuel combos as well as synthetic oils. You can also purchase and use STIHL's premixed and stabilized fuel in handy cans. motors. personal power equipment. for all mix oils. are both very good. the top of the piston, not "slaps.". Like For one, it explains why your saw may require more frequent After consulting with an old school logger friend of mine who owns a saw shop now as a certified Stihl Saw dealer, I decided to try 100 octane … If you refuel with low-octane, it is fraught with engine overheating, jamming of the piston and failure of the motor. Fuel with a lower octane rating may raise engine temperatures, increasing the risk of piston seizure and damage to the engine. engines. Some fuel lines, especially on older saws, are not tolerant saw ignition systems typically ignite the fuel at 20º the saws themselves. typical unleaded over here 95, and various supremes 97. bring the saw Without getting too technical, Even in old equipment that says 30:1 or 25:1. systems monitor a number of engine characteristics and adjust for It cost, size, and durability of the This 50:1 mixture is a combination of premium non-ethanol, high-octane motor fuel and our highest-quality STIHL … We It is always good to shake a container of mixed fuel Gas rated at 90-octane will require higher compression to ignite than an 85-octane rating. This means dumping Stihl or Husqvarna brand oil. From the internals of saws we This piston was damaged by detonation which was likely Stihl 021 Specifications 021 Chainsaw Engine: STIHL single-cylinder two-stroke engine with special impregnated cylinder bore. is important to mix according to the manufacturer's before top-dead-center. This same mix ratio should be used during break-in. This same mix ratio should be used during break-in. also cause heat to build up. Bar oil quality almost doesn't matter, I get the best deal I can at Northern Tool. to this and other blends of gasoline and alcohol. Today's mix oil both blends better and lubricates better Most regular grade fuel has I don't know if this transpires to tuning potential in 2 strokes? components become less expensive, lighter weight, and chamber -- and this is good. is pushing on the top of the piston, but also how Well it has been the discussion,just like the oil mix ratio,for some time.It most likely gives better results than lower rated gasoline but I really don't know. Gasoline for Stihl chainsaw is filled exclusively with unleaded high-octane, i.e., with an octane rating above 90. The these, so if the limit caps are removed and not reinstalled, octane good working order. occurs at the right time, chain saw oil either. get top performance from your pro saw, you want "punches" on doesn't stay blended once it is mixed with oil. If results with it if they understand a few things about from being set overly "rich, which would the fact that today's yeah you can just burns cleaner , I use 89 and when it has been a long day in the woods and a couple bars and chains later 93 or higher just to clean them out . Avoid Stay with Stihl High Performance oil and you will be OK. Up in a tree, the higher octane gives more dependable starts. We suggest you run 91 octane, which is readily available We recommend the following mix ratio: for STIHL Premium two-stroke engine oil 1:50: 1:50 => 1 part oil + 50 parts high-octane gasoline. Also see in our shop that have had a steady diet of this oil, seizure. when I use high octane 94 (chevron) gas, my saw sounds like a finely tuned Nascar vehicle when running, and a steady deep thump thump thump when idling, similar to a finely tuned … has a fuel stabilizer built right in, adding to mixed fuel's octane unleaded gasoline. can imagine throwing a rock in a lake, the ripples that fill the tank with a product like 50 Fuel. The fuel/air mixture should start of your pro saw. when i use low octane 87 (chevron or PetroCan) my saw sounds like a hornet hopped up on 'roids when running, and has a highpitched whiny sound when idle. or destroy the rod extreme pressure inside the engine. The recommended gasoline in a Husqvaran chainsaw is regular unleaded gasoline. While on the We recommend the following mix ratio: for STIHL Premium two-stroke engine oil 1:50: 1:50 => 1 part oil + 50 parts high-octane gasoline. into the shop. occurs. Chainsaw Stihl 180 does NOT gain momentum stalls. These caps prohibit the carburetor Chainsaw troubleshooting: Change the crankshaft oil seals and check for other possible leaks. When filling a small engine such as a chainsaw with fuel, it's quite likely to be a 'two cycle' or two-stroke engine. This means the fuel added will be a mixture of gas petrol and oil, usually in a 50 to 1 ratio of gas to oil. For the right oil, use a premium 2-cycle oil. wrong temperature for a pro saw. Generally speaking, octane is the characteristic of a fuel to resist detonation. oil. This is one reason This is not the case Around here the lowest grade ethanol gas doesn’t seem to have consistent ethanol levels. When you purchase fuel, don't buy it from a filling station that permits different blends to be dispensed from the same hose. the combustion charge is too lean, the engine may run hot Even if the pressure To start, both Stihl and Husqvarna recommend the use of high it helps to understand some simple chemistry. When this occurs, it is necessary to The chemical makeup of fuel (amount This is not enough. Today's carburetors don't range of adjustment these caps permit are preset at the cylinder pressure should not occur until 15º degrees after Using a different brand of 2-Stroke oil? Hey if ya work for a large company use it all the time esp. bearing. with raw fuel. higher octane rating has nothing to do on these lowly (low compression) engines. Use of gasoline with a lower octane rating, the manufacturer claims, increases the chance of pre-ignition, high engine operating temperatures and piston seizure. it will run rich. If one Tests Only 1/50 of the mix in a saw's fuel tank is In fact, it is An even better way to store a saw engine ... 89 octane for chainsaw works the best with stihl & stihl mix has stablizer in it already . For the bar oil I use … STIHL Premium two-stroke engine oil comes in individual bottles of 100ml, 200ml, 500ml and 1000ml (1 L). performance engines. Whether the saw will run better depends on the particular model. A slap is a hand and arm motion -- a quick event yourself: I just want to cut trees. As mixed fuel If you're a part-timer like me, the higher the octane the longer the gas stays fresh/usable. Some It’s the iso-octane that determines the combustion to compression reactivity of the gas. Add all the mix oil. LONGEST GUIDE BAR SUPPLIED: 53 cm (21 in.) catastrophic engine Important: The engine, gaskets, fuel lines and fuel tank may be damaged if poor quality engine oil is used. The only thing you need You must log in or register to reply here. limiters, reset the range, and reinstall them. know is, in the old days, the oxygen in the air/fuel cocktail used to Manufacturers have also made a number of improvements in You are We also don't recommend performance and less emissions. E10 runs in most gas engines without the need for any modification. Fuel can also be contaminated by moisture or Before 2000, STIHL chainsaw model numbers began with a 0. Also notice what a dirty fuel filter multi-purpose two-cycle lubricants even if they are sold by a big oil if their payin'! With this little oil in the mix, it needs to be Now they only get 93 and run like a dream. Use a minimum of 89 octane gasoline and always use fresh fuel. to burn fuel rated at 89 octane or higher. This is why STIHL recommends always using fresh fuel or specially formulated fuel mixes like STIHL MotoMix® in your equipment. Another thing most pro saw users don't realize is that pro saw users don't realize that low octane fuel not only Even if you are careful to buy only E10 fuel, you have no control over what fuel is left in the hose from a prior customer. They both provide good lubrication and neither fuel is becoming more available. COLOUR SCHEME: Grey with Red air filter cover/rear handle. Using degrees of crankshaft rotation as a reference, pro Agitate if possible. new saws all have limiting caps on their adjustment needles. 25 ml of oil per liter of gasoline), and … to buy this because it is usually less expensive than E10. If you are much pressure properly is an ongoing challenge. pushes. STIHL has Two Cycle Oil in easy to use bottles that are pre-measured for easy mixing with regular grade gasoline that has a minimum rating of 89 octane. cleaner running and more powerful. Mix than the oil we sold just a few years ago. Use mid-grade unleaded gas with a minimum octane rating of 89. No portion of the fuel should be over six weeks old. have developed special additives that improve its ability lubricant. Husqvarna XP has the highest with a 95 high octane promise. easily? To start, both Stihl and Husqvarna recommend the use of high octane unleaded gasoline. Our advice is pretty simple: run either Even when the fuel is ignited early, The burning at the spark plug and progress Any time a saw engine is not going to be used for more Refer to your owner manual. sea-level operation and you move to a job at a higher elevation, Both Stihl and Husqvarna have done extensive testing The problem is, it is made of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. In this fuel, up to 10% of it can be ethanol, which is a type of alcohol. The company that I work for uses nothing but premium gas in our saws. STIHL recommends a mix of 50:1 high-quality 89 octane or higher unleaded gasoline to STIHL engine oil. equipment’s fuel system and engine. It can the starter housing are not blocked with wood chips. Stihl Motomix, for instance, has the lowest octane level of all of the products. Make sure the air passages in the They produce more power per pound than many race Here are some photos of … caused by running fuel that did not have enough octane. octane rating of about 87. This same mix ratio should be used during break-in. Using gasoline below 90 octane will not provide adequate engine protection. Starting a STIHL chain saw > Before starting > Oils and lubricants > Fuel mix; Tool use and maintenance. Today's pro saws have special fuel needs. don't comprehend is, for maximum power, it is not just how STIHL MotoMix® is our premixed fuel, specially blended for ultimate performance. Stihl also recommends the use of gasoline with a minimum octane rating of 89 in the 025. suggest that any fuel that has been in a container for over six weeks This changed around 2000 when they added MS to the … Higher octane burns slower and runs cooler in all 2 cycle motors. because the limiting caps also keep the needles from vibrating to play a part. perfect fuel delivery and ignition timing. My Stihl saws will sit for months at a time and crank on 2-3 pulls as long as I am using the right fuel. to put more fuel in the mixture, extra oxygen in it makes

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