An aluminum-framed 110 weighs in at 4 1/8 oz. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) Fr. That’s simply not true. I don’t see it breaking down with use. I was around 18 years old and have used that knife ever since which has been about 53 years and I just turned 70. According to reviews by ‘smart people’, the M1 Carbine was an underpowered carbine (and thus “not really a true rifle”) with a too loud muzzle blast, poor sights, etc. The Buck lifetime warranty and customer service is in my opinion the gold standard. Thanks for this great comment. A standard Buck 100 … Something to keep in mind is that the Spyderco is about double the cost of the Buck. If it were only beautiful and not functional, it’s sales wouldn’t be anywhere NEAR what they are now after FIFTY YEARS. I can see it being a good, reliable back-up knife for sure. Dunno if you’ve seen yet but Buck is bringing out a lightweight FRN-handled model that weighs under 3 oz. The implication here is that they believe it is a competitive offering in today’s knife market. The locking mechanism is very solid. Let that sink in. These are just our opinions that we wanted to share and if you’d rather not read them, no problem, plenty of other blogs to follow. Buck Knives. If I had to use this knife defensively, I would, hands down, reverse grip, especially because of its acute tip. Benefits of Buck 110 Folding Hunter Knife. Spyderco has been tweaking their flagships for years and nobody’s forgotten the significance of the Delica. Although called a hunter, there’s just an alchemy between the lines and proportions of the 110 that make it able to perform any kind of cutting task. This knife is great fun, but if I was going to use a knife for extended periods of time, I would definitely choose a more neutral offering, like the CRKT Ripple or the Spyderco Delica, over the Buck 110. The belt loop on the sheath is nicely implemented, and will fit all belts (normal sized ones that is). (Drill a HOLE?) The slim version possesses the same traditional features of the well-built 110 Folding Hunter but sports a more modern look and upgraded materials. Lol, I would love to have a bike! My youngest son (born in my 40’s), in the Royal Army and a combat medic in the infantry, still carries his Buck 112 as a back-up knife. :(. By the way I still have the original leather sheath that came with my beautiful companion. 5. The mean clip point is instrumental in giving such an acute tip. Good for another hundred years! This knife is not particularly tactical in design, although I would wager it has been in more fights than any other folder. 33,50 € Buck Einhandmesser 110 Slim Select Messer, Silber, 12,5 cm 4,5 von 5 Sternen 36. Well. With these cookies we and third parties will be able to follow your behaviour on our website. My will states that I want a Buck 110 on my belt, and a Buck 301, and 389 in my pocket when they close that box. However, before I get another current generation 110, I might try and look for one from the golden years. A couple years later I bought a Buck 112 and then a 110. Great review man, thanks for it. Totally enjoyed every line of this. ;). Lets be friends. Weight: 7.2 oz; Blade material: 420HC; Country of origin: USA; To More Specifications – Click Here. Wearing the Buck 110 sheath on my belt less than subtle on me. If Buck is going to continue to espouse the virtues of stateside production, I really would like to see them recognize the level of competition out there and up their game. Based on the sheer number of broken tips and regrinds of the knife that I’ve read about around the web, I can safely say that the blade was ground for slicing and piercing only. If you’re looking for an EDC knife that you can stuff away in your pocket, then I wouldn't recommend the 110. if I need a pocket knife out comes my victorinox. I suppose like any other knife, it will not be suited for every job, but this one does a great job as a bird and trout knife and a for dressing small game. For the price, you are certainly getting a durable outdoors/heavy duty knife. Good review, but I have a problem with one of your statements – “It’s a terrible tool”. It is made of layers of paper soaked in a non-phenolic resin and then put under great pressure. Is it fair to hold the 110 to modern standards? I have tried kershaws leek benchmade griptillian and numerous others but I always end up putting the pocket clip blades in my dresser drawer and belting up my trusty 110 cross draw sheath in the small of my back. And while I don’t like celebrity knives either, at the very least Steve Austin does seem to be genuinely into knives. My recollection (bear the above in mind) is that the brief case history can be found on a site named U.S. The Buck/Bos 420HC is probably a smidge better than 8Cr13MoV, but not quite as good as AUS-8A. Maybe it’s that the weight, in all its absurd bulkiness, is actually somehow reassuring. Thanks for your review. The contours on my old knife were “sharper” as I recall and the pivot was more conducive to single hand opening. There is just something to say about a knife that hasnt needed updated in 55 years. Contrary to the hype: no, it will not match super steels, but it will hold an acceptable edge for EDC use, and that’s fine by me. Tragically, I hve recently been declared a member of a heretofore unheard of (by me) demographic, “advanced middle age”. As a civilian surburbanite I don’t need super tough knives, but I definitely enjoy them. Frankly I have been surprised to see how attached people are to this knife. In your review, you hit the nail on the head when you stated that the knife appeals to people’s nostalgia and that the knife’s old school beauty is hard to resist ( you didn’t state it in those exact words, by that’s what I took out of it), but to state that it’s a horrible tool is just plain wrong. While the original Buck 110 is iconic, I prefer the Ecolite as it is truly lighter and easier to carry. Your website has one of the best knife review sites available. But where the weight really kills the 110, of course, is in carry. Yep, I agree, Buck will probably just keep on keeping on, making what they make and not really caring about staying with the times. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the tip, as, if you’ve been around here long enough, you’ll have noticed I love modifying knives that aren’t clip points to having much more fine tips (example: my Spyderco Resilience). Makes no sense! So what? The steel is just fine for what most people need. , and God knows how many frogs before they disappeared. Legal precedent, here in the People’s Republic of Maryland, knife carry law is inseperably linked to the 110. Buck 110 Folding Hunter, with finger grooves: Handle/blade: stabilized wood/420HC-steel Blade length: 9.5 cm Weight: 208 grams. https: ... My Daughter found the Buck 110 auto for $130. That’s quite a damning condemnation. you’re going to notice this thing wherever you have it. Many of the lighter knives, to which the 110 is compared, are far more convenient to carry. The Buck 110 should be viewed as true classic that stubbornly refuses to die, and to compare it against modern knives is just foolish. It is not designed for fine cutting chores. I followed that up a while later with a model 120 (General). 2 oz. I worked as a County Sheriffs Deputy and State Police Officer for thirty two of those years and that Buck 110 sat on my pistol belt and cut many a seat belts to help people out of wrecked vehicles. there is a reason it’s been around for almost 60 years and copied by others. Anyone have a Buck 110 auto? Thanks for the compliment Dan, I agree that the Endura is far left hefty in the hand- in my experience it takes a touch of adjustment to find a sweetspot in terms of ergonomics but compared to the candybar feel of the Buck its no comparison. I have broken a buck 110 or two using them for purposes not intended for them I’m a stand up dude so I didn’t abuse the warranty just bought a new one I own enduras and all kinds of expensive knives but they don’t get near the carry time of my 110 I carry it in a custom quick draw sheath love love love this classic and it has pulled me out of some jams thank you for your review on this American classic that started out in a garage made by a father and son, Hello, Xavier , The Buck is 12.4 cm (4.875 inches) closed, with a blade length of 9.5 cm (3.75 inches). I do not notice the weight. It always takes time but boy can I get an edge. I have no complaints about the 110’s handle shape. Now I understand the Endura was designed to be narrow for carrying convenience but there comes a point where the discomfort of “using” the knife far outweighs the advantage of “carrying” the knife. Do I have even one knife I LIKE better? The opening action is smooth and positive, and the sound when the lock engages is satisfying, and all of this was how the knife was out of the box. Made In The U.S.A., This Folding Hunter Pocket Knife Is Made With Ebony Wood Handle And 420Hc Stainless Steel. I understand why the 110 was popular, and to a large extent understand why it remains so; people love a classic, and not every purchase has to be based on a cold rendering and weighing of objective information. The 940 is one of my all time favourite folders, you can’t go wrong. The Buck 110 is an excellent knife for its intended niche. I’ve owned three 110’s and each was well-made, the lock was as dependable as Gibralter, and they provided faultless service for years. It was just a killer! Your email address will not be published. No. the 110 is classic Americana just like apple pie. Buck 110 Hunting Knife Review – Amazon / Blade HQ. A fair review, Benjamin, thanks. I’ve since bought a couple of custom 110’s – S30v blade steel, drop point, and the traditional clip point too. It dulls rather quickly, but you can sharpen the hell out of this 420HC very easily. I overlooked it in the passed when it was first given to me, and now years later that I’ve gotten into knives as a hobby I have a newer appreciation for this great knife. I grinned ear to ear when it arrived, and when I at last took it out of the packaging, I explained to Elise just how long this knife has been on my want list, how nice it was to finally have it, and how I probably would never sell it because of that. Ben Schwartz is a writer and gear geek. However, with the sheath carry system one could easily EDC the Buck 110. I’m sure more modern designs at half the weight or less are theoretically as (if not more) durable than the 110, but the weight makes me feel like it the 110 is stronger. I keep saying I’m gonna retire my faithful companion with a newer s30v version but after all these years together it’s almost like cheating on your spouse. Thank you very much. You can find them on, though: for example here. 전통적이고 고풍스러운 맛이 느껴지는 오토매틱 나이프입니다. Actually it brings a classic beauty and very charming . If you’re interested in knives and the history of their design, the 110 is 100% required reading. much better than liner locks and frame locks. Nice review. If you’re so tired of seeing reviews unsubscribe from us. I have two 110s, which I purchased in the late 1970s. The New Buck 110… As Amazon Associates we earn from qualifying purchases. My wife surprised me with a new 110 as a stocking-stuffer this Christmas, no, not the same as my original 110, but just incredibly comforting to have a clunky, new and beautiful 110 again! Would like to go "made in USA" Virgil B. BP-B2 Re: Buck 110 auto [Re: vbshootinrange ] #15364649 10/31/20: Joined: Jun 2008. 9 Best Buck Knife for EDC, Hunting and Survival [Buck Knives … Best Survival Knives Buck struck a chord with the 110. Weight: 7.2 oz. Du musst dich einloggen oder registrieren, um hier zu antworten. Dual thumb studs allow 1-hand opening; and the lockback mechanism is the same design as the original Buck 110 Folding Hunter. There’s plenty of modern design elsewhere in the knife world, and if they started making a bunch of great new designs right now I’d have an even harder time keeping up with all the good knives than I do now. I have a 110 that my parents gave me for Christmas about 30 years ago. Some companies manufacturer screw-in thumb studs for the Buck 100, but up here in Iglooland (a.k.a. Buck has made some variations with more updated features: They usually hover around $60-70 on the secondary, which is hard for me to choke up for something I will carry only occasionally. That was sarcasm, in case anyone missed it. Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter Review – Outdoors and Nature Buck Knives 112 vs 110 – Key Comparisons. Oh, and by the way, The Buck 110 IS considered a “Traditional” knife; It single-handedly revolutionized the knife industry with its innovative folding knife locking system. Definitely a living classic. Along the way I picked up a Schrade LB-7. Still, even at this remove, the Buck folding hunter remains remarkable from every point of the compass. Remember longer before Buck and way longer before the modern folder plain old pocket knives like the stockman and trapper patterns skinned game, sharpened tent pegs etc. I’m still looking for a pristine, early era 110 at a reasonable price. I’ve talked about handles being task neutral before, but here we have a task neutral knife. I bought my first 110 in mid-1977, in Charlotte , N. C. I used it until around 2000, when I semi-retired it so I would not lose it. Although I take issue with Buck’s decision to keep the 110 design more or less as is for 50 years, I can certainly sympathize with it. Buck 110 and 112 Slim EDC pocket knives Fox Knives expansion: 25 new knives! What a great American company, and what a classic piece of hardware to own. Relatedly, I’m kind of surprised there isn’t a bigger mod scene for 110s than there is. It’s a terrible tool, but I really can’t help but love it anyway. Profil Beiträge anzeigen Blog anzeigen Artikel anzeigen Registrierter Teilnehmer Registriert seit 02.04.08 Ort Ekeren, Belgien Beiträge 60. The main criticism others have of this knife (besides the weight – which I think I’ve mentioned enough) is the very delicate tip it sports. Well, I would be inclined to agree- for a trek in the woods, I don’t think you need much more. But yeah, they may be shoddily put together but they will definitely last a long time, so there’s that. Not sure a modern knife can ever have this much raw appeal. Copper & Clad has the 110 with different scales, and 5160 blades. Hi Ben. While it’s not awful it’s definitely not very reassuring. I have noticed that I can carry my 110 in its leather case on my belt in plain view, and nobody bats an eye. Yeah, That’s why I don’t follow this blog anymore, It’s more like an infomercial for new toys than a practical application survival blog. Walmart has the Buck 110 (yes, still made in Post Falls, Idaho) with an every day not on sale price of under $30. With the absolute glut of good choices out there, the Buck 110 still stands as a design monolith that stands the test of time and has proved its concept through millions of copies. It is designed to perform heavy cutting chores while being more compact than a fixed blade knife with a 4″ blade. Finally! … YOU SAVE € 5.00. I worked in an industrial Security force loaded with young pups. It is arguably the first modern folder, in ethos if not in design. Google Anzeige. Girls were girls and men were men……Those were the days”. More Than Just Surviving displays paid advertisements and relevant affiliate links. There are major issues with the tolerances, but the finish on the 110 is quite good for a $40 knife. Can you provide a link or other reference for the Maryland case? Archie Bunker comes to mind: It travels with me and never lets me down. Blade. I know I am in the minority on these issues. Maybe it’s that Buck is actually quite badass in that it gives zero shits about “updating” this knife to cater to modern trends and standards. We’re not here to sell you on buying another toy. But again, the Broken Skull is well worth it, but not sure how long Cold Steel will keep it? Required fields are marked *. Buck 110 AUTO Folding Hunter 3.75" Plain Blade, Ebony Wood … Still one of those that i want to have, and hey, why not, for its price, it’s highly reccomended. The 110 has a closed length of 4.875 inches and a weight of 7.2 ounces.Although it’s not meant to be an EDC knife, it’s a great size for one, be it slightly heavier than its adversaries. It’s a shame you lost it but I’m glad you’re enjoying the new one. Weight: 7.2 ounces; Country of origin: USA; Warrantee: Unconditional lifetime; 2018 MSRP: $82 ($49.95 at Knife Center) I have owned and used a Buck 110 Folding Hunter since the late 1960's and can attest to its quality and durability. (an SFO) S30V. This post contains affiliate links. The Endura is horribly uncomfortable to do lots of cutting with. Took it with him to Vietnam. No clip here. I could definitely see having it in my center console as a back-up or something but nowadays there are just so many better, lighter options out there. I would definitely recommend the Lawman, though I wish it had another half so-called inch. Speaking of the 112, I think my one Army son just likes it small but with the rugged feel? The knife itself is still 4.875″. The Buck is 12.4 cm (4.875 inches) closed, with a blade length of 9.5 cm (3.75 inches). I carry only two types of knifes today one being the 110 and the other is a Case old fashion big blade knife similar to the 110. I totally get the small/rugged thing. I finally bought one 10 years ago and still treasure it. Thus, they struggle to understand why they were/are so damned popular with the guys who carried them. Put on wishlist Remove from wishlist. Just picked up one of these 110 Lite knives at Walmart yesterday. That is interesting to hear – I’ve always wondered what the knives from Buck’s custom shop are like in terms of quality. Sounds like you have a pretty awesome trio right there! I have also used it for nothing but cutting, as it should be used. August 4, 2014 by Thomas Xavier | Updated: March 26, 2020 63 Comments. Clip point blade arrived shaving sharp and with a perfect grind. Perhaps that is unfair as the 110 is practically an antique, but it’s Ben’s honest take on the knife. He’s just a man with an opinion, and I think he showed the 110 plenty of deference. When I told them I was a Buck fan, they laughed at the “old guy”. Spot on! In the appalachians Ive used it to skin, gut, and butcher several deer and its never let me down. Buck 110 Hunting Knife Review ... Maybe it’s that the weight, in all its absurd bulkiness, is actually somehow reassuring. then in 2012 i ordered a brand new 110 from buck on their website and i use this one as my everyday carry knife and use it for about everything i do. But I digress. The Buck 110 is a complete contradiction. TheKnifeJunkie 814 views. Can’t explain it, but there it is. I feel as comfortable carrying bucky as I do any knife. The Broken Skull and the American Lawman are two Cold Steel knives I’ve had my eyes on for a long time. And, the Buck 110 provides heavy-duty use for a remarkably low price. Run by a two-person husband and wife team, Thomas & Elise Xavier, this blog's mission is to offer a down to earth resource for both survivalists and preppers alike. No history of the folding pocket knife is complete without the Buck 110 Folding Hunter. If I stumble across one somewhere I might just pick it up for fun. Choices are to send it from India to Buck or get the blade re-profiled locally and that shall mean immediately getting it back AND a stronger tip, as well! I retired it some time back, but found it several years ago- it was in horrible shape, but it’s such a beautiful thing I sent it in for their “spa treatment”. Balance is right in the middle of the handle, where the swell is most pronounced – a decent distance from the pivot. Buck offers more customization options on this knife than anything else in the world. Punda (the principal) when he returned from meeting with his dear friend the newly installed pope (Pope John Paul II) in Poland. Maybe that’s why they call it the “Folding Hunter.” :) Any way, nice review of a classic. Hell, you can even “Spydie drop” the Buck 110’s blade open (although once again – not particularly safe so mind your fingers). This knife is so important, so ubiquitous, and so iconic that it almost doesn’t make sense to review it. It is no longer made. An interesting note about the 110: Back when it was “the” folding knife to have, especially for self defense purposes, you could find a lot of one-handed opening devices like the “flick it” at gun and knife shows. In general, a great review. I don’t know. And, in this regard it is a fine fit. Learn how your comment data is processed. New: Spyderco Brouwer MKM knives from Italy, made by MIKITA New: the Gerber Vertebrae and Spine: light-weight expansion for your hiking equipment New: Real Steel Knives! The 110 has a handle length of 4 ¾”, a blade length of 3 ¾”, and an overall length of 8 9/16”. Not what I expected from Buck. I think it weighs just over 3 oz.! Padded pliers fixed that problem. Seems like all the “expert” reviewers love to shoot down an old warhorse and/or workhorse using the approved verbiage. Buck 110 Light Weight Folding Hunter - Duration: 9:13. Maybe people presume it’s a cell phone case? I just know I love this knife design. Definitely agree about its charm, I have always loved the aesthetics of the 110 & the place in time in represents. antlers. I am still carrying that same blade. I love each for its merits. The 110 is not necessarily the best choice for EDC in an urban, or modern suburban, environment. That said, there was never a doubt in my mind that the Buck 110 would receive a perfect score in the ‘Importance’ category. *Of course I meant a first type size blade looking like a fixed blade when opened. Back when I was a Reservist, the Gerber “Paraframe I” was sold at base CANEX stores. I’ll second Dan and point out that I’m no knife expert, and am only rendering an opinion, not a universal verdict that everyone must adhere to. I think one of the biggest advantages the 110 and its kin has it that they’re not stigmatized like many other knives. Decades of work in farming, hunting, oil field, military and law enforcement…and I never pulled one out and someone said “Oh no; THAT piece of junk-?” Past this point, ignore logic, and check out how good those brass bolsters look. Buck 282013 110 Taschenmesser Folding Hunter LT | Klingenlänge: 9,6 cm | Back Lock, Andere, mehrfarbig 4,6 von 5 Sternen 87. Maybe your dream car is not a split window Corvette with a 427; maybe you don’t understand why Mohammed Ali was the greatest “boxer” to ever win the Heavyweight title, but for millions, there is a special place for this classic that will not fade with time. This one has no such marking. I think they’ve convinced themselves that, by changing the 110, they are flouting the tradition it represents. When I was a kid, a 110 was an expensive goal, I only snapped one up as an adult. Profile overview Buck Knives 110 Hunter Buck … It may also be that at times, we should avoid judging other people’s abilities or knowledge by our own limitations. The Buck 110 LT still features a 3.75″ 420HC clip point blade and a lock back mechanism. Buck 110 Auto Elite. So yup; if you want articles and nothing else, hit that top button in the menu that says “articles” once a month and read there. This is an amazing story, thanks so much for sharing. Don’t know how that type bevel got past any maker, but thank goodness that they changed it. It brings back old memories. Centering is decent enough, as is the fit and finish (except for the initial grind on the blade, but more on that later). I think that Buck is still trying to work out its priorities and in the meantime customers are left in the lurch with some very shoddy production. I feel that way about my good old saber grind Delica 4. 110 Folding Hunter Knife with Leather Sheath - 0110BRS-B - … Confusion, confusion and some more confusion! I especially adore the way Spydercos flip open, and treasure their excellent steels, such as S110V. I hope yours continues to provide many years of faithful service. 220mm. For many of us, geezers and non-geezers alike, the 110 is a trustworthy, known quantity. But he also has the larger Spyderco Military. Required fields are marked *. The attributes that made it a must-have when it debuted in the early 60’s are still abundantly apparent and have not been short-sightedly compromised by Buck over the years for short-term financial gain (the quintessential quick Buck). It is awesome. Choking up is theoretically possible, but the skewed balance and lack of choil make this grip uncomfortable for prolonged use. I love the nice, big, easy to grip Buck 110 handle, and the easy to sharpen steel. As a remembrance when I left, I was presented a new Buck 110. Mitglieder sehen hier keinen Banner. have carried my 110 daily since I received it from my grandfather on my 18th birthday. Also, when it comes to prolonged usage such as whittling wood or camp carving tasks, the Spyderco Endura grip is so dreadfully narrow its almost like trying to use a skeleton knife. S&K has a SFO 110 with aluminum bolsters, and micarta scales.

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