Many of Husqvarna’s chainsaws feature a centrifugal air cleaning system. 184. That’s exactly the reason why both Stihl and Husqvarna are among the best selling chainsaw manufacturers in the world. Husqvarna warrants their chainsaws for home and casual use for 2-years and 1-year for professional use. This company does offer significant volume discounts to arborists and other companies that purchase a large number of different chainsaws. Compared to the Stihl I have, this is lighter in weight. With this automatic torque adjustment, the chainsaw user will save up to 20% on gas and cut down emissions by some 60% too. We are about to give you an overview of each and then compare them. Over the years some trends have emerged though as to what brands certain groups of chainsaw users prefer. This string trimmer offers a range of commercial-style features, Stihl claims to have the world’s best-selling brand of chainsaws and sales figures from around the world suggest they are correct. If you’re a history buff, or if you like the idea of a long-running rivalry, then this is the section for you. It delivers power with minimal vibration. The only problem with this satisfaction guarantee is Stihl will not give you your money back. Ever since Husqvarna introduced their first chainsaw way back in 1959, they have been well-known for their creative chainsaw designs. Anything over 5cm and the lack of power really shows and it will not cut cleanly. They both have excellent 7-day satisfaction guarantees on their chainsaws. On average their blades perform much better than those of their competition because of this. On the horsepower and engine front, the Husqvarna and the Stihl go head to head and toe. Knowing you can get this type of customer service is a big bonus when buying a chainsaw. I got the 322L as a replacement from Husqvarna when my other Husqvarna trimmer died. They offer a wide variety of power tools, lawn and garden equipment, and off-road vehicles. Those who use their chainsaws for home or occasional use are said to prefer to use Stihl chainsaws. It rotates at a full 360-degree revolution. What do you guys think, should I go try a Stihl fs56 or just go with the Husqvarna. Compare; Find My Store. Stihl air filters are very easy to change out too when the need arises. Usually, an individual would demand something beyond what it is designed for, a trimmer that can do more than just trim. They are a leader when it comes to the use of lightweight and durable high-tech polymer housings. That’s somewhat disappointing for what’s considered a higher-end line of chainsaws. This is a green power tool feature that enables the gas chainsaws equipped with it to use less gas and in turn give off lower emissions too. Since both of them claim to be lightweight, the Husqvarna comes in at 11.11 pounds with the cutting equipment, whereas the Stihl stands at 10.6 pounds. They are both really fantastic chainsaw brands when it comes to quality and durability too. Here are the categories that Stihl chainsaw products generally fall into: Stihl products can be purchased in a variety of price ranges too. Milwaukee vs Makita Chainsaw – The Ultimate Brand Comparison, 6 Best Battery Powered Chainsaws – (Reviews & Guide 2020), 6 Best Gas Chainsaws – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020), 6 Best Chainsaw Chaps – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020), 6 Best Chainsaw Chains – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020), 6 Best Chainsaw Mills – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020), 6 Best Electric Chainsaws – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020), 6 Best Chainsaw Sharpeners – (Reviews & Guide 2020), 10 Best Pole Saws – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020), Chainsaws that cut longer without overheating, To design chainsaws that make smoother cuts. ... STIHL MS 362 C-M 25″ Chainsaw. This is due to the technologies they built into their chainsaws to help reduce fuel use and exhaust emissions. They also offer a 7-day trial period with a no questions asked money-back guarantee. When it comes to chainsaw design Stihl certainly holds nothing back. Stihl offers a wide range of tree cutting saws. The strap comes with this massive warning label that can't be removed. I have the echo 2620, Husqvarna 525L and LS, 430LS, and Stihl fs90, fs110,and fs130 models. These are some of the unique features that make Stihl chainsaws stand out from their competition: Chainsaws are hard enough to operate just because of the rough tasks that are often done with them. It's in the top 3 bestselling string trimmers and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Ryobi RY40220 or Blue Max Extreme Duty.. Husqvarna 322L is $110.95 more expensive than … The Husqvarna is a light straight-shaft trimmer that can be used diversely for different purposes. Husqvarna 115iL 40-Volt Max 14-in Straight Cordless String Trimmer (Bare Tool Only) Item #812359. Husqvarna 322L Trimmer. Daily alfresco work in all weather conditions. That is pretty impressive for high wear and tear items like a chainsaw. More than that, they are also light and energy-efficient due to their 36V Li-ion battery packs. If you are moving large amounts of leaves, which backpack blower works best? Husqvarna chainsaws are thought to be the faster cutting chainsaws of the two. In terms of being an environmentally-sustainable trimmer, Stihl offers both electric-type and battery-powered alternatives. However, they are not identical customer satisfaction guarantees. It used to be that gas chainsaw operators spent a lot of time making carburetor adjustments to get their chainsaws to cut efficiently. They call this heir user-centric design principle. Since it’s the oldest mass chainsaw manufacturer, you expect them to have tons of experience making these power tools. They have introduced technologies into their chainsaws that save fuel and limit emissions. However, you will have to contend with buying all other accessories differently from the Husqvarna set, that is, on their own. Attachments; Concrete; In all honesty, you can’t really go wrong with purchasing either one of these chainsaw brands. Contents1 Comparing Husqvarna vs Stihl2 An Overview of Husqvarna Chainsaws3 An Overview of Stihl Chainsaws4 A Few Final Thoughts: Stihl versus Husqvarna If you are currently looking for a new chainsaw, you have probably come across the names Husqvarna and Stihl. Steel does not leave anything to chance when it comes to the blades they use on their chainsaws. Are you a busy professional that doesn’t have a lot of time to go to stores to look at products and make purchases? The weight isn't as light as some I've used. Husqvarna 322l Anybody have a current one sold at lowes for about 260? And with good reason, they are two of the most popular brands of chainsaws […] From the green lawns in our residences’ backyards to parks in our cities, I always asked myself what it takes to achieve this fresh, lush green environment of our lawns, until recently when I was introduced to the world of lawn trimming. They are a company that always keeps operational safety at the forefront of their designs too. Stihl vs Husqvarna Chainsaws — when it comes to chainsaws, this is a classic debate with plenty of passion on both sides of the fence. The Husqvarna 525LS and 430LS are better balanced, lighter, and more comfortable to run IMHO. The chain brake system in Stihl’s line of chainsaw products is more advanced than you will find in most other brands of chainsaws. This quality trimmer is ideal for trimming edges, under shrubs and along fences. The company accomplishes this by adding such things as handles that have anti-vibration characteristics and are ergonomically designed. Even in online reviews, the users of these two chainsaw brands speak highly of them. Both Stihl and Husqvarna have been manufacturing chainsaws for over 50 years. The Stihl warranty is 90-days for home and casual use and 30-days for professional use. They vie with each other for the best trimmer on the market. Owners of Husqvarna chainsaws do find their customer support staff very knowledgeable and friendly once they reach them. Nice weighting and balance. Husqvarna is a company Swedish in origin which dates back to 1689. If we had to choose one model out of these two, it would be a considerable difficulty. Re: Husqvarna Vs Stihl Husqvarna, the one time I bought a Stihl it had a faulty bearing and broke within a couple months. Stihl does offer a 7-day customer satisfaction guarantee also. That way they can make their chainsaw chains to their own exacting standards. With this feature, the start/stop switch is combined into one and it works in conjunction with the fuel pump to make both warm and cold starting of the chainsaw easier. It was an electric chainsaw model that weighed well over 100 pounds. Air Fuel Filter Line Primer Bulb Kit For Husqvarna 123C 123L 223L 223R 322L 323C, $10.35 The warranties that Stihl offers on their chain saw products are nothing to write home about. Here are some of the different types of chainsaws that Husqvarna makes: Husqvarna offers both home and casual use chainsaws and a heavy-duty professional chainsaw line too. That’s why they are often the first to introduce new design features that make chainsaw use safer and more efficient. It helps makes Husqvarna chainsaws some of the most environmentally-friendly models that you can buy. I'm not talking about the lower 128L that gets a bad reputation. This is apparent if you pick a battery-powered line trimmer. Most people place value on how they manufacture and develop the product. When it comes to their overall design, you get very few complaints from Stihl chainsaw users. For Rent. Stihl retains the German ingenuity of design and Husqvarna keeps its Swedish craftsmanship, but both are using cheaper parts. There is no need for any expensive gas that will add up in the long run. Its adjustable head makes it exceptionally multipurpose. It's long to keep you away from some of the spray. I see they were made in the late 90s as well. A fresh, lush green environment is always a welcoming sight to tired eyes and invites individuals to places of recreation and reminiscence. The company claims that they design all of their chainsaws with emphasis on four main things. Stihl and Husqvarna backpack blower head-to-head performance comparison. This is much lower than the industry standard for most chainsaw models. Husqvarna weed eater prices. Stihl is a company that can boast having excellent customer service. Your email address will not be published. CleanCut Lawns of NC reviews the features of the Stihl BR 600 vs BR 700 compared to the Husqvarna … Husqvarna's do also have this coating but their website seems a bit conflicting at times and some 3rd party sites do not alway have the same info. As far as power to weight the Echo is best. When it comes to comparing Stihl vs Husqvarna chainsaws there is not a lot of huge differences between them. Experience a higher level of power and durability with the 322L string trimmer from Husqvarna. These are: Husqvarna puts some big emphasis on other design areas too. The difference between Stihl vs. Husqvarna Trimmer? Its adjustable head makes it exceptionally multipurpose. Husqvarna is a company that has been around making quality tree cutting tools since the 1600’s. They are known to be leaders in the industry when it comes to design and innovation. The advanced ergonomic harness allows a flawless fit, and the easily attachable battery pack means you can share batteries at liberty without changing hitches. As for the Husqvarna trimmer model, it has a four-stroke engine system. Matching accessories provide additional comfort and convenience. Simply put, this means their chainsaws tend to be easy on the bodies of those that use them. Both are headquartered in Europe. The Husqvarna has an automatic return stop switch, which assures a quick start for the next operation in line with no delays. This is a great way for any Stihl chainsaw buyer to test drive their new Stihl chainsaw for a week. This reservoir placement allows Stihl chainsaws to more efficiently distribute oil to the chain. For me, one of the biggest differences between Husqvarna and STIHL is that STIHL does not sell their products online. Husqvarna also does a very nice job of backing up their products with warranties that are usually equivalent to the industry-standard or better for similar products. It may also be worth noting that the Husqvarna Group owns Poulan which makes some very good chainsaws too. The company is headquartered out of Waiblingen, Germany. Stihl in Germany, and Huqvarna in Sweden. Husqvarna 322L Trimmer. There is much to like about both of these chainsaw brands. They both use excellent chain brake systems and also offer advanced air filtration. Husqvarna trimmers can function with minimal noise. July 8, 2020 By woodcutter Leave a Comment, Last Updated on July 8, 2020 by woodcutter. Husqvarna weed eaters vary in price, from about $160 to $480, depending on the model and features you need. So anything a manufacturer can do to simplify the operation of them is great. This results in chainsaw oil use reduction of up to 50%. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Your email address will not be published. You just have to pick among 11 high-quality attachments. Best Hose Reel Reviews That Right For Your Gardening, Best Professional Chainsaw For Cutting Firewood: Easy to Find, Reviews of the Best Telescopic Ladder Rated & Compared, 8 Best Cordless Leaf Blowers You Won’t Regret Buying, It has a fuel-efficient 27.2 cubic centimeter engine. The company believes that online sales really dilute their brand. The Husqvarna Group also manufactures much more than just chainsaws. 322 trimmer pdf manual download. And with its main base of operations is still in Europe, it does have a significant global headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia. For instance, Stihl makes their own high-quality chains for their chainsaws and Husqvarna does not. Running a chainsaw is one of those tasks where repeatedly starting and stopping these tree cutting power tools is required. Husqvarna chainsaws have a slight edge when it comes to being environmentally friendly. Compare; Find My Store. The Stihl FS 56 RC-E Trimmer issues are that it feels quite heavy to hold, and the Tap Action bump head isn’t particularly impressive. Not only can their chain brakes be activated by the user, but they will also go into operation automatically when the chainsaw senses the resisting inertia is building up to a level where a kickback is about to occur.

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