When is the best time to visit the Maldives? First, it is important to note that the rainy season can fluctuate slightly from year-to-year. The best weather – and the best time to visit the Maldives – is between November and April. It’s also worth to remember that southern part of the Maldives is more exposed to southwest monsoon and therefore gets more rain. The high season falls between December and March. Asking the forum if travel in June will have good weather is … Even during the dry season, it is not unusual to have a brief, torrential … During the rainy season (May t0 October), the western side of an atoll is better for scuba diving. This is the time when it is an off-season for tourists. … Typical of the tropics, when it rains in the Maldives, it pours down heavily for a short time and then clears up just as quickly. Report inappropriate content . June weather mostly stays hot, … When’s the cheapest time to go to the Maldives? This means brass bands, parades, and marches. Primary Sidebar. Besides, summer is a high time to see magic bioluminescent plankton. Maldives weather - Rainy season running from May to October. High Season (Dec–Feb) Maldives enjoys its best weather. The Maldives, islands of the Indian Ocean located to the southwest of India, have a tropical climate, hot all year round and influenced by the monsoons.The south-west monsoon, from late April to September, it's stronger on the northern islands, and it's accompanied by the wind, which can make the sea rough and therefore may discourage activities such as diving, and it's also accompanied by higher humidity and … They are responsible for rainfall activity over the country during the Monsoon season. Just to say… monsoon Andaman is the season of romance. Because the Maldives is the lowest country anywhere in the world, with the highest elevation in the island nation being slightly less than 8 feet, the temperature is constantly high and rarely falls below 25°C (77°F), even at night. The monsoon season in Maldives is from May to November. Two seasons dominate Maldives' weather: the dry season associated with the winter northeastern monsoon and the rainy season which brings strong winds and storms. The southwest monsoon or hulhangu from May to September is the wet season. The best time to visit the Maldives is from November to April. This is a period of clear skies, lower humidity and very little rain. The rainy season in the Maldives runs from early May through mid-December, with the Southwest Monsoon season (in the southern atolls) officially being in July and August. The average high in the Maldives is 30ºC in … Despite its name, this is the dry and hot time of year where torrential rain downpours are rare. Shoulder (Mar–Apr) Great weather continues until the end of April, when temperatures are at their hottest. Two seasons dominate Maldives' weather: the dry season associated with the winter northeast monsoon and the rainy season brought by the summer southwest monsoon. Even during the South-West Monsoon, the Maldives rarely experiences extreme weather conditions. If you are comfortable with high humidity, then it's not a bad time to visit the islands. Exceptional extreme weather phenomenon during Maldives rainy season : 2 small tornadoes ( Water Spouts ) on the lagoon. A unique photo taken during rainy season. Between May and November is known as ‘Monsoon Season’, when the temperature is still hot, but the chance of rain and cloud is much higher. Blog Categories. However, some divers visit in the wet season because: a) It's less … However the … Prices jump during Easter. The northeast monsoon occurs from November to April, creating the dry season. The monsoon runs from May to October, peaking around June. Crowds thin out, prices drop, and conditions for scuba diving and surfing are optimal. all that said, what am I looking at hear for this Monsoon weather? The Maldives rainy season. Plus, accommodation rates also go down during this time. Rainfalls are possible, but storms usually move quickly. Generally speaking, the Monsoon season in Maldives peaks around June, though the weather of Maldives stays highly unpredictable throughout the year. The monsoon season in Maldives is from May to November. The monsoon season runs from May to October and peaks in June. The Summer monsoon season, called the Halhangu in the traditional Maldivian language of Dhivehi, brings with it more rain, cloudy skies and rougher seas. The sea remains favourable for swimming, though extreme activities are not advised. When is the Best Season to Travel Maldives? The Northeast Monsoon season actually occurs between November and March, but of course most of this is during “dry season” so it’s no surprise that the monsoon rarely amounts to anything more than a quick downpour a couple times a … Just one day prior, an 84-year-old Czech tourist drowned in the … Nothing can be better than this for your honeymoon vacation so hurry up and Book Honeymoon Packages for Maldives. Due to these … The dream is to go to the Maldives and live it up in a water villa. As the Maldives begin to inch out of the rainy season (only just), November 11 sees the celebration of Republic Day. Maldives Weather & Seasons Video Watch The Video . Then Maldives has a dry season (north/east monsoon) and a wet season (South/west monsoon) Wet season starts April/May through to Oct/November. During this time the Maldives sees strong winds, … It is the moment when one can take pleasure in scuba diving and surf with the optimal conditions during monsoon in Maldives. August falls in the monsoon season at the Maldives, with spells of high humidity and high but short bursts of rainfall. 9,417 posts. Diving in the Maldives is generally good all year round, but underwater visibility, water temperatures and marine life changes depending on the season. Five tourists have drowned in the Maldives since Jan. 13 due to strong currents during the northeastern monsoon season. In fact, many resorts in the Maldives, like Gili Lankanfushi, see guests revel in the unassuming tropical beauty of the island and indulging in a myriad … Southwest Monsoon in India is conceived as a complex phenomenon. From around the end of December through to May is the northeast monsoon season with the winds coming from the northeast. What about the worst? Low … Additionally, the Maldives stretches north to south across 541 miles, meaning the rainy season hits the northern atolls from May through November, and the southern atolls from November through … The Maldives is in the equatorial belt and therefore severe storms and cyclones are extremely rare events. The Maldives is one of the ultimate destinations when it comes to a beach holiday or luxury honeymoon, and some of the most common questions we get asked are ‘What is the weather going to be like’ or ‘Can we go in the monsoon season’.

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