You just want to keep clicking and scrolling to see it in action. A lot of designers prefer one-page portfolios; some designers put personal photos on their sites; many of those whose websites are listed below are fans of minimal design, and so on. The coolest part of this website might the directional cues of the images throughout. The grid and projects are easy to see and understand, making this a great choice for showing portfolio projects that are less interactive. But hover over any text element for a more immersive experience. Matt Reyer’s portfolio uses a split-screen design (a great trend for this style of website) with plenty of little interactive surprises. Every scroll “locks” to a screen and new project in Meng He’s portfolio. The minimal background and elements bring it all together so the eye knows where to go. It has timeline items, stats section, skillbars, working ajax form, frontend form validation, a portfolio … The side-to-side scroll is intuitive, and each screen has an image that’s captivating. The site is done well enough that most users will be enticed to do so. Erik Bernacchi goes with a bold, retro design for his portfolio. Damian Kujawa’s site is easy to navigate – even with a left to right scroll – and features each image in a way that communicates stellar photography as well as brand work. With a harsh brutalist style, the portfolio of Felipe Krust will make you stop and look. One of the best features is that the big words describe how the site was made. Live Demo Free Download. (And if you want even more guidance on building your portfolio, look here.) 50 Inspirational & Creative Personal Portfolio Websites . 50 of our favorite personal website examples, including portfolio sites, student websites, solo professional sites, and blogs. A fantastic (owltastic) personal portfolio website is showcasing a lot of style. The classic combination never gets old when it comes to great portfolio design. And it the funky home screen is a little much, projects fall into a simple grid below. The streamlined design is easy to look at and dive into with just the right amount of information for each project. The portfolio of Ilya Kulbachny will push your creative limits with effects on typography and animation. The interesting thing here is that you have to click through to see projects. Chris Tammar uses a clean grid with symmetrical projects to show his work. It seems as simple to set-up and LinkedIn and blogs are on the appropriate spaces. A strong attention to detail within this portfolio … Nice space and cool liquid effects are the main highlights of Diana Toloza’s website design. A winning graphic design portfolio website showcases your work, tells your story, inspires confidence, and opens doors for collaborations. Mathieu Levesque’s photography portfolio has a nice, clean design that could be applied to other types of portfolios as well. They take their personal … No work is featured “out front.”. See our privacy policy. You can’t help but look and all of the important links – from social media to blogging to design work – is all right on the homepage. It’s hard to beat a bold, in-your-face portfolio design. The most fun feature might be the pointer icon; it’s a solid green circle until you get to a click-element and then it pops into a fun feathered circle of the same color. Justine Wargnier’s portfolio opens in a minimal style that tells you who she is with a call to learn more. Building a personal website isn’t tough. Get unlimited downloads of 2 million+ design resources, themes, templates, photos, graphics and more. The reason that we love it is that this single-page personal portfolio website is an ideal aggregator, and it bloops! Unlike common free online portfolio websites … If you’re interested portfolio websites, I suggest reading these posts next: Beautiful Personal Web Portfolios: A Showcase; 15 Free Online Portfolio Hosting Sites; A Conversation About Creative Portfolios; 10 Free WordPress Themes for Portfolio Sites; 30 Beautiful Examples of Design Agency/Studio Websites That makes you think he can work on varying styles of projects, thanks to the change in his own portfolio design. You don’t want a portfolio to look dated or stale. When it comes to laying your site out, designing the right color scheme, picking perfect portfolio … There’s also a great video bio. The photo is just moody enough to draw you in and the simple animation with what Fabian Irsara does and his interests catch your attention. May 20, 2020 - Personal Portfolio Website requires special requirements. Cargo is also a simple and effective online portfolio site that allows designers to create freestanding personal websites with a series of pages and their own URLs. Explore new ideas, design trends, and themes that you can take and use in your own projects. If you’re stuck, take a look at these 15 samples of web developer portfolios for inspiration. From brands you know in an instant to some that may be new, this list of projects and clients is pretty impressive, and the perfect way to lead off a portfolio website. It works will with his role as a creative director, showing off some of that artistic flair. This is how you use a headshot for a website portfolio. Here, we have a roundup of personal portfolio websites that can impart a dose of instant inspiration. Each image has room to read well with blocks of varying sizes. A few months ago we featured Web Design Agency homepages. Despite the retro feel of the portfolio, his projects are modern and engaging. Choose a free Portfolio & CV website template to start creating your stunning website. Keeping in mind that most agency sites are built on a “Logo – Tagline – Best Work – Contact Info” basis, we were curious to see if this formula would work as well for freelance designers as it does for web design agencies. Bryan James nailed it with his portfolio. We'll use your email address to send one newsletter every week, and occasional promotions from us and our partners. Therefore, its very easy to customize and update the website … Michael Tilley uses a simple video to showcase his work and projects for The Blackboard Artist. Beautiful artwork and liquid animation make this portfolio by Robin Mastromarino highly engaging. The effects are different, but eyecatching and make you want to keep moving through the design for more. Run is a free website template for portfolio, corporate, and agency websites. The hand lettering artists is pretty well-known for boards and murals in London and the video portfolio highlights things people might have seen before when they come to this portfolio site. As for colors, white, gray and emerald seem to be very popular. The technique gives plenty of focus on the work and is a great option for a design showcase. That’s just what you get with the bright yellow and black design for Elena Saharova’s work. A great photo and interesting typography are they eye-catching elements for this art director’s portfolio. And you should. As you scroll the geo shapes on his head in the photo spin in time with the movement. That’s what Allison Bratnick does here with a portfolio that shows a lot of different projects. In fact, many effective portfolio sites take more of a minimalist approach to the design of the site itself. Visit portfolio … With bold color choices, movement and an almost anything goes style, the portfolio is highly visual and interesting. Kards. In fact, photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, writers, and content marketers can all use web portfolios to show off their skills in a more user-friendly way than a resume or hard copy portfolio. These personal portfolios are sure to inspire you into getting ideas on how to improve your own portfolio website. Your portfolio should take a maximum amount of space on your website. David Eperozzzi uses huge text to draw users into his portfolio. Here, we have a roundup of personal portfolio websites … One of the toughest tasks of a new developer is to make a personal web developer portfolio … More Portfolio Website Design Resources. I just love digging around portfolio websites for design inspiration. Envato Elements starts at $16 per month, and is the best creative subscription we've ever seen. It’s a highly effective design. Similar to the graphic design portfolio websites, with the photography portfolio websites, you want to make sure to put your best work up front. FreeCodeCamp: Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage. David William Baum does this exceptionally well with his portfolio thanks to smaller thumbnails that explode into larger images with hover states. Creating an impressive portfolio is not easy. You want to show a lot of work, but also create a focal point for website visitors. That’s the reason personal websites are also called as portfolio websites… Bethany Heck’s portfolio combines a brutalist style that shows a mass in work that you can click through to see. A busy grid can be a risky portfolio concept unless you want to show depth and breadth of work. The click/scroll animation on Camille Pawlak’s portfolio website is outstanding. And don’t forget that personal portfolio websites should be mobile responsive. And then it flips from a calming color palette to a bold bright option. Sunshine is another excellent personal portfolio template that is available to users in two separate versions. There’s something about interactive surprises that I adore in website design, especially when it comes to personal portfolios. When you have amazing imagery, this minimal style is the way to go. Tip: If you are looking to build your architecture student portfolio website, Pixpa offers a special 50% discount for student portfolio websites. Elizabeth O’Meara has a split screen design that shows variety in packaging design. By Paul Andrew on Aug 13th, 2020 Inspiration. So, here you can find the best Personal Portfolio Examples and order your own website on the Weblium Website builder - do-it-for-me website platforma. Further, she places each new piece almost on a “page” of its own in the scroll, so you can really focus on individual works. Get inspired! This is the fifth and final of the Responsive Web Design Projects in Free Code Camp and the objective was to build a personal portfolio … Portfolio Website Examples Elizabeth Lundin – students and beginners portfolio … This free personal portfolio websites built on latest version of bootstrap, HTML, and CSS. We have carefully selected 24 of the best portfolio websites built on Pixpa for your inspiration. See more ideas about portfolio website, portfolio examples, personal portfolio. Work with beautiful, retina-ready galleries, social media … If you’re a genius and you want to showcase your work over the internet that will help peoples to know about you and your motives, then Portfolio sites are the best choice to do that! It’s a combination of projects compiled into a video that gives you an idea of his scope of work. 3.Your Portfolio. And if you believe reading is not enough to understand what an inspirational portfolio site is, please take a look at the following examples: Subscribe to our RSS newsletter and receive all of our articles directly in your email inbox as soon as they're published. Individuals who want to achieve the best personal websites can derive inspiration from people who have succeeded before. 10 Beautifully Designed Portfolio Websites that Tell a Story, 25 Photographer Portfolio Websites for Web Design Inspiration, Room to Breathe: Using Whitespace in the Hero Area, How to Effectively Use Whitespace in Web Design, 20 Inspiring Examples of the Parallax Scrolling Effect in Web Design, 8 Fantastic Onboarding Carousel HTML & CSS Snippets, 25 Beautiful Examples of Clean Web Design for Inspiration, 25 Mobile Device Mockup PSD Templates for Photoshop, Diving into WordPress Custom Post Types and Taxonomies, Simplifying Your Designs for the Smartest User. Color choices bring Stefano De Rosa’s portfolio to life as well with a simple palette that’s not commonly seen. Each project page is equally simple with an image, description, and link for more. Ideal for a personal … The combination of trendy design elements let you know the content in the portfolio is fresh. The color choices and simplicity of the background and typography styles also contribute to the overall effectiveness of the design. Matt Farley … That can be a key element in portfolio design. The style shows attention to detail and a style that’s both fun and experimental. A clean portfolio design can be the best option sometimes. We have also listed 20 pro tips in this article to create an awesome graphic design portfolio. Jeff Angell uses a peek-a-boo style portfolio with nifty animation and effects. Each project clicks to open with an elegant animation and beautiful formatting as well. But it’s highly interactive and begs to be clicked. 100s of designer-made HTML website templates to choose from! For more examples, you can check out this link. A portfolio website can cover a lot of bases. Generally speaking, professionals, agencies, freelancers and artists require a creative medium to display their work. The template is an ideal choice when it comes to building an online portfolio or personal website… The simple homepage is a good intro to her projects. This is a great way to handle a single-scroll homepage with plenty of elements to keep you moving deeper into the portfolio. Here's 47 examples of the best portfolio websites of 2019. Marcus Eriksson uses clean lines, an interesting grid, and a minimal style to show off his projects. After all, this is the reason behind creating it. (This is a trending design technique as well.) The simple nature of the design gives the content plenty of room. The best feature? The best part might be the Instagram-story style video on the homepage that keeps changing. Some of the other features and trends available on designer portfolios are whitespace, illustrations, big background images, flat design, big typography and geometric shapes. 1. If you need a spark to ignite your creativity, here are 24 of the best web developer portfolio websites. Hence, it’s essential that your architecture and interior design portfolio website is designed to complement and showcase your work clearly without being distracting. Tavano Vincent uses a simple homepage design … at first glance. Create your personal portfolio … A few months ago we featured Web Design Agency homepages. Do you know a personal website is a popular way to present your design and technical skills to the world. Unlimited Downloads: 1,000,000+ Web Templates, Themes, Plugins, Design Assets, and much more! The site is classically minimalist, with lots of white space and large type. FCC-Personal-Portfolio-Webpage. More than half of Internet users like to browse from their mobile devices, so make sure that they can navigate your portfolio without a glitch. Top Picks. And the voice of the words is quite nice. This portfolio looks rather simple on its face, but interactive features really bring it to life and showcase the ability of the designer. However, many designers prefer to work alone, and their portfolios are also worth checking out. Great portfolio websites are like art galleries— plenty of whitespace to showcase photos and videos. Join our 30,000+ members to receive our newsletter and submit your design work. Steven Hanley’s portfolio is super simple. Raoul Gaillard uses gradients, geo shapes and animation to draw you into his portfolio. From interactive elements to the cool pop-over nav, everything about this photo portfolio is sleek and elegant with interactive design flair. Whether you want to showcase your work in a full portfolio website, or create a single-page website, we've got you covered. They keep carrying you through the design with excellent placements. Since … Click into each project for even more. You can learn so much about the personality of a designer from the way a portfolio looks, and the interactions therein. All templates are fully customizable with drag and drop. Create a stunning Portfolio & CV free website, tailored for Personal now. A portfolio site is also a great playground because it gives you the creative freedom you can’t always express with a normal client project. You can’t stop looking. Building an online portfolio is a highly useful personal branding and marketing tool if your work experience and skill set call for content creation. This funky portfolio seems to break so many design rules, but I can’t stop looking at it. Showing a large quantity of projects can be a challenge on portfolio websites. Kards is a modern and clean personal vCard website template.It has many cool features found in premium templates. About / Membership / Advertising & Sponsorship / Privacy, 30+ Inspiring Personal Portfolio Websites in 2021, 2 Million+ Digital Assets, With Unlimited Downloads. Thus, here are 50 individual creative portfolios, which will knock your socks off! But building your personal website—the prime piece of real estate that you’ll present to the entire internet? ... fully responsive one page site. Thanks to neat and clean imagery, the masonry grid style portfolio works well. Collection of work. Krista Gray's personal portfolio … Werkstatt Wundersite is a great example of this. That can be a little intimidating. The nice animated effects continue on the about page where her work moves past in the background. This portfolio almost has a documentary style to it and it’s phenomenal. Yes, it works sometimes, and you can see it from the examples featured in this article, but it seems, as expected, the main focus of most portfolio sites is to catch visitor’s attention, introduce the designer and then invite readers to get deeper into the portfolio in order to see the best works and know more about the designer, his/her skills, awards and experience. A portfolio site is also a great playground because it gives you the creative freedom you can’t always express with a normal client project. It highlights the work in the portfolio with a simple design that helps individual pieces shine. Photography Portfolio Websites. The ombre/gradient style test color treatment is pretty nifty, too. It’s a fun and interesting way to show just one or two projects. Krista Gray. This is why website portfolios, or other sites in … Meagan is a designer-developer hybrid, and it shows, striking a delicate balance between personality and professionality. By — collecting the best designer portfolio websites, resumes and design resources.. “10 Student Portfolios Done Right — 2019” is published by in Bestfolios. His work is streamlined into an easy-to-digest format with just the right amount of information. There’s not a lot to think about with it comes to Denis Abdullin’s portfolio, but you can see and find everything you need to know right away. Run – Free Responsive Personal Portfolio Website Template . However, many designers prefer to … 1.

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